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#21: Post by stefano65 »

actually you call it relay as well in your drawing
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#22: Post by mteahan »

Take the panels off the machine and remove the cover from the control board. Plug it in and see if it goes down. If not, problem solved; you can ventilate the cover of the box, put some insulation between the boiler and the box, get creative and get a little more time out of the box.

You are going to have to buy one eventually and it wasn't the repair guys fault. You might want to bite the bullet sooner than later is the box is no longer available when it finally eats dirt.

Its the box, though. Just tell Stefano to sell you one; sometimes he is too nice.
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#23: Post by erics »

Pin 5 supplies power to the control side of the SSR (if, in fact, he has one). And yes, I see it is relay controlled. I do not know what controls that particular relay other than "power on" because this SSR (if present) has a 120vac control signal.

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#24: Post by Maab »

You guys are all very nice. Thank you.

I will open it and take some photos, but I will be out for work a lot until Saturday evening. Hopefully you'll guide me through the purchase of hardware as well.
Will post next week.

Thanks again


#25: Post by Maab »

Hi Stefano,
I'm considering to purchase the box you're talking about.
Could you please send me the link to it?
I am assuming it's absolutely easy to do, otherwise I'll opt something else, even buying a new machine.

Thanks a lot


#26: Post by sweetmlb »

Maab - any luck with this problem? I've brought my Isomac in twice for a similar problem - my machine heats up but I get no pressure. Each time I bring it home it works for a few hours and then, boom, nothing!

Strangely, red light on right is still going steady even though machine is off. Portafilter is also warm even though machine has been off all day. Thoughts?

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#27: Post by erics »

That's (obviously?) a very unhealthy electrical situation. I would give Chris' Coffee a call and make an appointment to bring your machine in:

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