Is water purge normal?

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Hi, I'm new to this site and paged thru several threads to see if this question was asked but didn't see anything. I'm new to brewing espresso and just bought a Lelit Elizabeth PL92T espresso machine. For the most part I've been very pleased with its performance, yet have so much to learn about the process of pulling espresso shots. The reason for my post is that I've noticed when I use the pre infusion option that I have a small of amount of water that purges into the drip tray from below the machine. Is this normal or might I have a hose that is detached? Thanks for your answer! Doug

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Sounds normal. If the water makes it to the tray, I think the hoses are securely attached.
But, how much water and when does it emerge? If it emerges during pre-infusion and isn't just one or two drops shaken loose by the movement of the brew valve, it would surprise me a little. If it's after brewing, then it's the flush water, the leftover pressure from the brewhead. All machines do that. (Sorry if you know this, I'm not intentionally trying to be insulting).

As you probably know, the Elizabeth uses the steam boiler to pressurize the brew circuit for pre-infusion. I don't know if it may cycle the brew valve back to closed and then back to open between the pump-off and the pump on stages. But a couple drops, perhaps from the expansion valve, may be hanging around in the tubing and the shifting of the brew valve ffrees them up to drip to the tray. (Now I'm just guessing)

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Thanks! Like I said I'm new to the process and these things might be self explanatory. The amount of water is probably about a tablespoon or a little but more.