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Kristi wrote:Accuracy - K tc on a Fuji Pid being used for temp read only. Fine wire K - bare wires twisted on end.

The other prob is that my Mater seems to want to have a .3 or .4 deadband

But I have no idea of the accuracy of the gauge.
Well, that should be accurate enough.... could be the gauge and/or pstat.

That deadband is not too good, lots of bad Mater pstats threads lately as well.

(P.S. Junior is no more?)
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Kristi (original poster)

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I took it out (Mater) and put it back and deadband is more like .25 - basically normal for a Mater. Certainly good enough for me unless I get bored at some point and put in a CEME with adj deadband or something else that's inexpensive. But this is just fine.

I was hoping if I read the temp I would know the pressure but I guess not really.

gauge 1.2-1.45bar yields 240-245F range
gauge 1.0 -1.25Bar yields 237.5-241.5 range

I was hoping to figure if the gauge was high or low and by how much. The tables don't seem to match what I read others are getting. Or maybe the gauges are just inaccurate...

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