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bean74 wrote:My acceptance of this information depends on the type, brand, and age of the whiskey.
Canadian whisky, 100% Rye, Alberta Premium 25 year old Limited Edition, bottled in 2006. Second-last bottle of the case; I'll be sad to see it gone.
-"Good quality brings happiness as you use it" - Nobuho Miya, Kamasada


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That sounds quite lovely. Enjoy it while you've got it :)


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Lead in...

You can narrow this thread down by getting 3 lead tests done.
Pick a reputable laboratory. (Not the hardware store mail away kit)
Confirm that they can test for water (the stuff you make your coffee with),
Test for coffee, the stuff you drink out of your machine.
That also covers dirty coffee.
And ask if they will translate the results into plain English for you. Otherwise you may have google the obscure results.
The third test is for lead in your blood (or maybe hair). A doctors' office or clinic can do that.

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