Is my Bezzera BZ10 dead... no pressure and strange noises?

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Wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on what my issue could be.

As of a couple of days ago my machine stopped producing any pressure when trying to pull a shot. It usually starts while I'm trying to pull a shot, the pressure just drops to nothing (see video). Even if I remove the portafilter I get no pressure. It usually "resolves" itself after an hour or so where I can turn it on without portafilter and it seems to flow normally however when I try to pull a shot again I get the same issue.

I just changed the group head gasket (which was in really bad shape) and did a couple of rounds of backfill flushes however I'm still having issues.

Not sure what the issue could be, is it time for a new machine?


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Sounds like the pump is not getting any water, maybe try priming it. Could also be a bad valve in the pump or an air leak in the intake to the pump. Or something else but those are my first guesses.