Intricoffee AutoFlow - an upcoming pressure profiling kit for E61 espresso machines

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#1: Post by boren »

Not much detail is shared in the official website of this upcoming kit, but combined with the info posted on their Facebook page I could glean the following:

- An upgrade kit that seems to support any machine with a standard E61 grouphead.
- The user can save up to 3 different profiles, in addition to built in ones that include lever machine simulation and turbo shots.
- In contrast to what the name "AutoFlow" implies, profiles are based on pressure rather than flow.
- There is no temperature sensor.
- There is currently no option for the device to sense channeling and automatically reduce or stop flow to compensate, but it seems they are considering or working on it.
- Planned price point is $700. They promise a 20% discount to those who subscribe to their newsletter.

I'm planning to move away from E61 and am not sold on the aesthetics of the current prototype, but I subscribed anyway. Who knows, I've been dragging my feet for so long with this upgrade, I might as well stay put and wait for the final design and reviews. The functionality is very appealing.

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#2: Post by sluflyer06 »

Very cool and possibly very ugly.

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#3: Post by Nunas »

+1 ugly. If I wanted to do this, which I don't, I think I'd sell the Synchronika and buy a DE1PRO. It strikes me it would be far more capable of automation than a hacked e61 box.

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#4: Post by mycatsnameisbernie »

As described, the automation it provides isn't worth $560 in my opinion. I'm happy to do basic pressure profiling manually with my current FC device. It would have to provide more of the Decent features to get me interested in purchasing it.

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#5: Post by Giampiero »

To be honest i think they did something simple...intricate.

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#6: Post by Jeff »

My guess -- a stepper motor on a flow-control valve, a pressure sensor, and a cheap microcontroller.

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#7: Post by Jeff »

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