Improve usability of Silvia steam wand on Gaggia Classic

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#1: Post by pwnevins »

OK this is not so relevant with the advent of the Classic Pro, but for those with the Silvia steam wand mod, I stumbled on a dead-simple mod that addresses two issues with the set-up. Namely, it allows the wand to be parked over the drip tray (very handy with the notorious leaky steam valve AND it increases the nozzle angle in use to improve whirlpooling. My latte art is still terrible but I can no longe blame it on poor microfoam.

All that is required is to bend the pipe from the steam valve just above the swivel so that the swivel is angled by about 15-20 deg, then tweak the bend near the valve to that the swivel will go through the hole in the frame again. With this mod the wand sits vertically in front of the reservoir when parked, and swings up to a much higher angle when in use.