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#31: Post by michael »

me, im looking for the slicker machine that fits in a "normal sized" big kitchen, think slightly smaller one group strada ep

knowing what I know today, I would have designed the entire kitchen around the espresso machine, but its too late for that 8)

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#32: Post by AssafL »

No. Don't touch the Pavlovian feedback of the hot water wand over the hot water which doubles as on/off.

Ahh how fast our axon learns with boiling water to amplify the signal! 2 mistakes. That's it.

Like a pizza wheel without a finger guard. It just works!
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#33: Post by tgfoyl1472 »

The best replacement to a GS3 (in my book) will be this :D



#34: Post by pcrussell50 »

For GS/3, I would want a 220V option, along with 220V boiler control logic, as an option for USA versions. And Jake valve, which I am already using in a different machine.


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