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alekostarn wrote:Yeah I'm 100% sure it's non pressurized. So do you suggest to go back to using my pressurized until I can grind my coffee?
I would. Without being able to adjust the grinder every three drinks to account for flow and taste, the only adjustment you can make is dosing higher and higher to slow the flow. Might as well use a portafilter that does some of the flow limiting for you, until you get a good grinder.


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If I were in OP's situation, instead of going back to a pressurized basket I'd buy a 1lb tamp on Amazon for $10 or $15 and use it to tamp harder. I realize it's not the "right" way to adjust flow, but without a grinder to adjust in my experience it's still preferable to creating pressure with a pressurized basket.


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alekostarn wrote:Hello to everyone,
I might just be saying nonsense because im comparing an 100$ espresso machine to several thousands of $ professional machines. Either way i hope i can get an answer. Thanks in advance.
I'm not being sarcastic, but you might enjoy using a Moka Pot at least until you get a grinder capable of grinding fine enough for good espresso extraction. 8)