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I purchased a PP 500 w/PID and flow control from WLL this past May. Like you Dave, I made my decision after reading the reviews on WLL and Clive. I soon noticed that my shots tasted better as I increased my boiler temperature. Doing more research, I noticed various videos on those 2 vendor's sites that shows PID settings of 255 to 258 (instead of the recommended 248) yielding a 200F brew temperature. I also found this thread.

I am the only coffee drinker in my family. My workflow is: turn on the machine, wait one hour, do a 5 second flush (to warm up the cup), grind and prep the PF, and pull a shot. I dial in the boiler temperature like any other brew parameter: I try various settings and figure out what tastes the best. I enjoy using the FC device, but it precludes a group thermometer, so of course I have no idea what my brew temperature really is. Still, I am very happy with the results I get.

Due to the pandemic, we've never had company, and I've never tried pulling multiple shots in a row.

I do have one question: how much of the long rebound time is due to pulling the shot vs. steaming the milk? Once things return to normal, and I start having company over, would it be better to pull all the shots and then steam all the milk, or is it better to alternate pulling a shot and steaming the milk for just that shot? Would pulling all the shots in a row without steaming reduce rebound time between shots? If so, do you have any idea by how much?

Thank you so much for your detailed researching of this issue!