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HX espresso machine owners: Do you still have upgraditis?

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#11: Post by bigdog002 »

One thing I'll warn you about, probably my only complaint about an HX .....


The cooling flush uses about 8oz when the machine has been idle, plus I run water after shot to scrub the shower screen, plus I water backflush after each shot. Thankfuly I'm able to use tap water which makes it acceptable. If you have to use bottled water it can really be a hassle.

NO urge to upgrade, whatsoever!



#12: Post by zin1953 »

joellawry wrote:Well, i have been living with a fully commercial Expobar for two months, and already Im looking for a new machine.

Upgraditis may possibly be cured when i have all of the following;

1) Synesso Cyncra 2grp
2) Kees van der Westen Idrocompresso 2 grp

* * * * *

so don't take my example as normal, besides im only 16, got years of upgrades ahead :P
Hey, I'd be content with either one! Even a Mirage . . . but at 54, I guess I'm not so greedy! :wink:
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#13: Post by kinkbmxco »

I purchased an Alex MK1 last March or April and have absolutely no regrets at all. It definitely cured my upgraditis... I imagine though, if I were to get a HX machine that had a vibe pump and was a pour over, I would eventually desire those options enough to where I would want an upgrade.

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#14: Post by errickson »

After a couple initial rounds with Starbucks machines (SS Barista, etc.), I too began my 'real' journey with the Silvia / Rocky combo. For me, I was never quite able to take advantage of what it has to offer. The temp surfing thing took its toll. Took a stab at upgrading by purchasing an Expobar Office Control / Pasquini Moka grinder combo. That combo certainly suited our needs for a couple years. However, not ever knowing temps & pressures began to get frustrating (red light turning on & off just wasnt enough). When Chris introduced the LaSpaz Mini Vivaldi II a few weeks ago, I knew it was time to take the plunge. Plumbing in was absolutely not an option for me, so I decided the Mini Vivaldi was the best option available. I believe my upgrade journey has come to an end. Final words: Thank God for eBay & Craigs List! :lol:

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#15: Post by Jasonian »

As often as I work with and use commercial equipment, I've learned to accept upgraditis as a natural state of existence.

It will be cured one day... but not by a domestic heat exchanger model.
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#16: Post by Coffeecritter »

I was hit by upgraditis a few months ago and vividly remember the symptoms. Including the repetitive motion ache in my mouse hand and wrist from searching forums and equipment sites.

I upgraded from the Livia 90 to the Elektra A-3 and have no regrets and doubt I ever will. Plumbed-in is the way to go! I doubt I'll ever miss putting water into a reservoir. And the steam power! The outrageous gaudy glamour of her looks are just the icing on the cake. (The Olympia Cremina doesn't count - She's a little princess that deserves all the fuss I lavish on her...)

Now, the grinder upgrade (Mazzer mini to Macap MK7R) was a major improvement, as well. The quality of the grind went from pretty darn good to consistently superior.

I always like to encourage other people to spend money, so I strongly suggest you succumb to your illness and enjoy the cure.

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#17: Post by Jacob »

Jasonian wrote:I've learned to accept upgraditis as a natural state of existence.

Robur/GS3 cured me (coffee wise) :wink:

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#18: Post by bigdog002 »

The grinder is a different matter ... love my SJ ... BUT ..

What I wouldn't give for an AFFORDABLE, doserless NON CLUMPING grinder ... the Versalab looks amazing but the price is prohibitive.

Ok, sorry to hijak, LOL.


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#19: Post by dsblv »

My guess is the poll results will radically change when the new dual boiler VBM machines come out in 2008. After looking at HX machines, I finally concluded that the machines had too many compromises to justify their cost. Most of the machines use a vibe pump and require temperature surfing. You do get a dual function machine, but with major shortcomings.

A true upgrade from a Silvia should have a rotary pump, be plumbed in and have full electronic temperature control. That points to a dual boiler machine. The Vivaldi II is a good example of an upgrade path from a Silvia. And, the new VBMs will likely generate huge interest in this forum when they come out.


#20: Post by doleeo »

After my silvia, I got an Anita, I will say I love that machine but, I wish I would've got a vetrano....

After the purchase, I moved my espresso machine on to a cart which is right by a fridge and a bathroom. I was talking to my dad about how nice it would be to have a plumbed in machine and he says "well where your machine is it would be really easy" :evil: I guess I should've asked him about it BEFORE buying a new machine!

As for the HX vs. DB, I find the Anita easy to use. With some practice you'll be able to flush to within 1 degree of your desired shot temp. And the steaming is great, plenty of steam and a pretty fast recovery time.

From time to time I'll find myself lusting after a double boiler but for me, I don't think it is very practical considering I'm the only user of my machine and I understand what it takes to get to the correct brew temperature.