How to remove steam lever on Breville Dual Boiler?

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#1: Post by forgetcolor »

I've looked and looked for an answer to this in video or text, but can't find it. How do I get the steam lever off on the Breville Dual Boiler? I've removed the two screws on the housing on the inside, the two screws holding the switch assembly under the top cover, and have tried sticking a screwdriver into the visible slot on the handle, but the thing won't budge. When I read everybody says just remove the three screws, but pictures show those screws to be under a cover on the handle I can't figure out how to remove. Help?


#2: Post by luvmy40 »

The metalic grey/silver part of the lever/knob is a cover that snaps on the control. It just pops off. Granted, it took me several tries and I wound up scratching mine a bit with the jewlers screw driver I used to pry it off the first time, but I swear it just pops off. Now that I'm sure Im not going to break anything, I can just pull it off with no tools. I still don't understand why I had such a hard time the first go round.

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#3: Post by Kharmic »

Here's a pic of the cover you have to remove. What the person above says is all correct - it's just a matter of not being shy and just pulling hard.

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forgetcolor (original poster)

#4: Post by forgetcolor (original poster) »

Thank you! That is just the photo I needed. I was thinking I could pry it off from a point that would have damaged things. With your photo I was able to slip a fingernail along the groove and get just enough clearance to pop it off pretty easily.


#5: Post by Kharmic »

So glad I could help! (with my first post on here, no less! :D)