How to remove Alex Duetto showerscreen?

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Anyone know how to do this?

Now that has gone private/members only/must be vetted by the moderator...There is scant info available out there!!! There is no slot in the center screw of the showerscreen for a screwdriver or dime...Any info greatly appreciated!



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The showerscreen is held in place by the group head gasket. Remove the gasket and the showerscreen will slip right out. There are several threads here on how to remove a group head gasket but one of the easier methods is to drive a screw with coarse threads into it and pull it. Drywall screws work well. Hope this helps.



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The screw method works fine if the gasket has been neglected and is frozen into place from years of use. Be careful not to screw in the screw too far, or you can damage the soft brass in the group head. You can also use a dental pick or awl to pry out an old, dried up gasket.

However, if the gasket is still soft and in good shape, you can remove the screen and gasket by carefully prying the screen out with a screwdriver. This is easier on the E61 screens that have a small groove on the edge, since you can use the groove to give the screwdriver something to grab. However, some E61 screens don't have the groove, and then you have to try to wedge the screwdriver against the side of the screen and pry it out. Sometimes this will damage the screen, so it's a good idea to have an extra screen and gasket on hand when you do the job in case you need to replace them.

See this link for some pictures of the process of removing and replacing gaskets and showerscreens. ... intenance/
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Dan Kehn

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I used a small spoon. Place it all the way up to the gasket and pry toward the center. Once you get it started, move to the opposite side.


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Paint can opener or a drum break adjustment tool works well if you have one in the toolbox.
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Thanks for all the tips guys!

I prefer the least destructive methods as my Duetto is only 6 mos old and it's a maintenance/cleaning issue at the moment as opposed to a replacement issue!

Thanks again,


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Jeepin' Geo wrote:I used a small spoon. Place it all the way up to the gasket and pry toward the center. Once you get it started, move to the opposite side.
If you place your implement of destruction in the PF ear notch, you will generate more down vs lateral force.

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That may be true but it didn't work well for me. With the spoon in the 'ear' slot, it just slid down the side of the screen and the lip on my screen doesn't really provide a good pry ledge. Placing the spoon up as high as possible gave my good side contact to coax the screen and gasket down without sliding off. The spoon, being curved and smooth is a slightly less destructive 'implement of destruction' but still gets the job done.


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Try using something with more 'bite', like the corner of a ¼" slotted screw driver blade. After a bit of practice, the screen fairly drops out.*

*provided the last time wasn't before the millenium :wink: