How to: La Marzocco OEM Portafilter fit E61 Group (Alternative Modification) - Page 2

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#11: Post by Chrisw »

Has anyone tried this with the new Stainless Steel La Marzocco portafilters yet? I'd love to use them on an E61 group.


#12: Post by P.B »

Rubbing the brass one down 2mm using wet & dry was hard enough work. Can't imagine how long it would take with stainless steel!

Additionally, I wouldn't use a stainless one on a e61 group head.

The lugs of a LM portafilter are not an exact match to the group head and consequently don't wear evenly. My PF shows extra wear (18 months old) at the start of the mating surface of the lug. As far as I can see (and it's not easy) the group head is OK. However, if I had a stainless steel PF the group head would be wearing and not the PF. I'm not sure if this would eventually be a problem because arguably the PF would wear the group head into a perfect fit but, personally, I'd rather have the easier to replace part taking the majority of the wear.



#13: Post by Chrisw »

:D those two points you made were my main worries. Thanks for your thoughts.

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#14: Post by Viernes »

So La Marzocco brew heads are made of stainless steel then?

What's the improvement of using steel instead of brass?