How many turns should the flow control valve of the ECM Synchronika turn before it's "fully open"?

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I have just received my new ECM Synchronika machine with the Flow Control already installed by the company IDrinkCoffee in Canada.

I would like to know how many turns the FC should normally do before it is fully open? I had seen a few videos on YT that people were turning around 1.5 turns, for my part I have to do 2 full turns before being fully open. When it is fully open, I reach 8 bars of pressure instead of 9.

Is this normal?

Otherwise, this machine is phenomenal. German quality is present as much on the aesthetics as on the components. I made my first espresso with it today and I am completely satisfied!

Thanks a lot!


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On my Pro700 the FCD (made by ECM so the same as the one for the Sync) goes from zero flow to 11.9 g/s in 1.25 turns). Beyond that the flow increases rapidly beyond the 11 to 12 g/s I take as the standard flow for an E61 fitted with a stock gicleur and supplied by a rotary pump. For a rotary pump that would be around 8 to 9 g/s give or take.

How are you measuring the pressure? With a coffee filled portafilter, a blind portafilter, or nothing locked into the group head? You must have something in place to read 8 bar on the gauge. Don't forget that the pump pressure gauge on the machine face can read slightly less than the pump gauge, due to pressure drops from friction in the water lines on the way to the brew chamber, though with a blind portafilter in place it will get quite close to pump pressure. Of course the two gauges might not be calibrated exactly the same. Bottom line is your machine is behaving as it should, and if you want a higher pressure reading on the brew pressure gauge you can adjust the pump pressure to make it what you want (within limits of course).

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Mine turns about two revolutions. But, as already noted, the useful range is much less. I generally run mine between 1/4 and 1/2 turn; I've never gone beyond 1.5 turns, except when I tested the FCD. At two turns, the e61's preinfusion valve shoots open with a little squeal and a bang.

With a blind basket, your gauge should read more or less the same as your pump pressure, noting that there will be differences as already explained by the other poster.

With a normal dose in the PF, except for one that chokes the machine, your group head pressure will not go as high as the pump pressure, as at first air is expelled from the puck, followed by coffee oils and solids.


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Oops, when I wrote: For a rotary pump that would be around 8 to 9 g/s give or take, I meant to write vibratory not rotary pump... :oops:


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Whole Latte Love has a few good videos on the e61 flow control device. The key takeaway is that the FCD fully open will actually flow at a higher rate than the e61 with stock mushroom, so you never really want to go fully open. Instead, measure the flow rate in g/s at various positions (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 3/4, 1, 1-1/4) and use that as a guide.

Start at 2:30

As a side note, if your flow control device doesn't turn smoothly, grab a tube of Haynes lubri-film and put a small dab on the threads. Took me a few months before I did that and it makes a world of difference.