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How many tampers do you own?

5 or more
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#51: Post by Dieter01 »

I have a few tampers but my favorite is this TORR tamper. The > than 90 degree angle between the base and the side has a cool vacuuming effect when you pull the tamper out of the portafilter. All the leftover grounds on the wall are sucked in. Love it!


#52: Post by seasterl »

5 Reg Barber handles (all tall and same shape)

7 Reg Barber stainless steel bases (C-Flat and Euro curve, but in different diameters for different baskets)

These are what I own but don't actually use everything or keep it all in rotation.

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#53: Post by docjoe »

michaels wrote:Hi Joe, sure that Cocobolo isn't Zebra wood (or possibly bocote, hard to tell w/ lighting)?
It's actually Bocote (I misspoke).

michaels wrote:I've got a few burl tampers, a couple of Cocobolo, and some other misc. Benefit of being a woodworker, no? :)
Those Burl tampers must be quite nice!


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#54: Post by docjoe »

doubleOsoul wrote:First off Joe,
My next question is the small chest of drawers beside the bubinga - where did you get that? It looks like stone fronts on the drawers. I'm mesmerized!! I must have one!
Honestly, I forgot where I got it. Either I got it as an Christmas present a very long time ago or it was my wife's before we got married. I think it the former.
mindless_fool wrote: Wow i really like that grey and red too... where did you get that wood???

I got that from a site that I get my pen making kit stuff called PennStateIndustries. The have a lot of cool looking wood. I believe you can get it at this link:

I have been using Bottle Stopper blanks to turn my handles. Still experimenting with different shapes.




#55: Post by michaels »

Just different, I wouldn't say they are any nicer than yours (which are quite incredible too!)

I see espresso as being as deep a hole as woodworking has been (which has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable as well :))


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#56: Post by danetrainer »

I was surprised I was in the minority group with 4 tampers! Each one has a different shaped base; flat, c-flat, euro curve & us curve...found I prefer the Royal tamper from Cafelat. Here is a photo of a tamper display from EPNW.

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#57: Post by dbacks »

I have 1.5 tampers. For years I used the plastic tamper that came with my La Pavoni Europiccola. I give it the 0.5 value for two reasons: 1. it broke in half years ago and I lost the smaller half, and 2. it's cheesy and doesn't deserve to be given a full tamper value anyway - it doesn't even fit my basket! It slops around and only sorta works using the NSEW technique (maybe I should give it 1/4 value).

I only discovered this site recently and immediately began lusting after the "HB" logo tamper shown on every page of the H-B site. Unfortunately, all attempts to find a supplier have produced dead ends. Sooo, I've been looking for a different tamper that talks to me. I've found several, but haven't made up my mind about which one to buy.

In the meantime I cobbled some parts together and built my own tamper #2. I call him "Fat Boy" for fairly obvious reasons. :D

I used a piece of steel I had laying around for the base that I turned down on my lathe to the 49.5mm dia. that fits my pre-millenium La Pavoni double baskets. For the top part, I used a knob I ordered from McMaster Carr (part #6185K28), and connected the two together with a double-ended, threaded steel rod I fabricated. It's doing the job, but I'm still searching for the perfect tamper to add to my "collection".


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#58: Post by the_trystero »

3 tampers for 2 different sized baskets.
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#59: Post by espressotime »

I own two but only use the one one that's attached to my Mazzer doser.Works just great.


#60: Post by malling »

One Reg Barber with 58mm and 53mm base.

That's it.

Allthough I plan to buy a 58,4( ,6) for my vst filter baskets)