How can you have a double boiler E61 in which you can switch the steam boiler off? - Page 2

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Jeff wrote:Part of "lever flavor" may be due to their inherent, repeatable temperature profile.
The other part is 'Progressive', soft & gentle preinfusions by a myriad of different methods. Some more effective than others.
"You didn't buy an Espresso Machine - You bought a Chemistry Set!"

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Jeff wrote:It's more a question of why double boilers use E61 groups. I think the list runs out quickly past low cost and appearance.
e61 pros:
  • No better bang for the buck
  • Great looks on many vendors
  • Easy repair
  • A huge multiplicity of options for screens, baskets, gaskets, etc. allowing far more customization and wider range of possible shots than less capable groups.
  • e61 flavor profile
  • ...
I've had the opportunity to sample many 'sexier' machines. As yet, no sale.
Perhaps having spent a lifetime with computers, the e61 is a reminder of a kinder, gentler time.

Watch the video here Clocks, dials... yuk! Programmable tea spout? Talk about a buzz- and over-kill.

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cafeIKE wrote:
Display temperature reads 217°F for current coffee, Tony's Classico. Eric's thermometer reads about 195°F mid shot. I like medium roasts and adjust temperature by taste. Range on the display has gone from 210° to 225°F for outlier coffees. I seldom measure or use Eric's thermometer.
I've just re-read the Clive coffee owners manual on my Duetto and it looks like the factory default offset setting is 18. No idea if that's Fahrenheit or Celsius - presume it's Celsius - which would make it about 32F. That's a fair more offset than you are measuring - though I realise comparing this across machines is complete nonsense.