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I found this very helpful when I changed the gasket on my machine:

http://espressoparts2.zoovy.com/categor ... intenance/


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cannonfodder wrote:Did you put it in the proper direction? there is a top and a bottom to the gasket. There is a slight taper to the gasket. The narrow side goes up.
I can't recall with absolute certainty. But I am sure that I put the markings (company name and model number I think) against the grouphead so that the smooth side was against the portafilter.

When I bought the machine and removed the gasket, I didn't know what a good vs bad gasket felt like so I just ordered a new one. It turns out that the existing gasket was probably just fine and it sure went in easier. Next time I remove the new gasket for cleaning or whatever, I'll either put the old one back in or order a new one. I'm not inclined to fight this one back in again.


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cannonfodder wrote:Did you put it in the proper direction? there is a top and a bottom to the gasket. There is a slight taper to the gasket. The narrow side goes up.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I found this when searching on replacement gaskets with my pasquini livia 90s. With the pasquini livia the narrow "beveled" side goes down. May not confuse others as the pasquini is not technically an E61 but I digress :mrgreen:

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The general rule is that all marking, bevels and other such deformities (Uhhh... smooth-challenged) go UP, against the group. Smooth, unmarked side towards portafilter.
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Well Randy you have me second guessing myself and it appears from this thread Bezzera BZ02/Livia 90 Portafilter Gasket Too Tight(?) somewhat inconclusive. Clearly WLL believes bevel toward portafilter http://www.wholelattelove.com/tips.cfm? ... &itemID=67. I wonder what erics heard from bezzera

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As I made sure to state in my previous post, it is a general rule. If the manufacturer states otherwise then go with that. Speaking theoretically, and not about any given machine, if there is a bevel on the gasket I would assume that it would go up because it it would help relieve vacuum behind the gasket during removal. If the machine has a screen secured by a screw (as opposed to the E-61 which has a screen held by the gasket) and that screen has a lip, the bevel on the inside circumference of the gasket may well go out so that the screen has room to seat, but that's a stretch..
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I wonder what erics heard from bezzera
Dear Mr Svendson

To install the group head gasket you should place the flat side on the upper part of the group, keeping the conic side in the lower part, the filter holder should work in contact with the conic side of the gasket.
The 3 cuts on the gasket edge are done to help in the process of installing and removing the gasket.


Luca Bezzera
I apologize - I thought I had posted this information previously as this is from July 2009.

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To those who try this for the first time, it's much easier to remove the gasket than to replace it. It was truly a pain to get it re-seated. At one point, I felt I'd never get it back in. Upon replacement, which on hindsight was worth all the effort given the cracked appearance of the gasket, the portfilter fit much, much tighter and wouldn't twist quite as far as before. As there was no leaking, so no harm, no foul. The good news: After a couple of weeks of normal use, the gasket was re-seated exactly as before, and I could torque portfilter just as I had been to when I first received the Giotto. My point: expect applying some elbow grease, but it's worth the effort and patience does pay off.