High Flow 6 Hole Group Head Screen Diffuser Screw (La Marzocco/Slayer)

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#1: Post by HBchris »

Just wondering if anyone had any experience or thoughts on this "High Flow 6 Hole Group Head Screen Diffuser Screw" from voltage coffee.

https://www.voltagerestaurantsupply.com ... cco-slayer

in product page it lists:
> Designed to maximize flow and even the water distribution across the shower screen

> M6 stainless steel 6-Hole high flow diffuser screen screw that works with all commercial and prosumer La Marcocco, Slayer, Synesso, Mavam and Modbar machines

> This is a great upgrade for the home user trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of their Linea Mini, Linea Micra, GS3, Slayer 1gr, etc...

> The main feed port was enlarged 18% to maximize water flow to each of the 6 holes

> Unlike the factory 4 hole screw, every hole on the Voltage 6 hole diffuser screw has been chamfered to remove sharp edges in effort to produce a symmetrical sloping edge that maximizes water flow

> The size of the screwdriver slot has been minimized to reduce the amount of coffee residue that can be collected over time

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For water distribution improvements, you'll have to check it out and report back. In terms of changing the water debit, I don't see it; since it most of the flow resistance ahead of the puck is in the gicleur, not the diffuser screw.
Jim Schulman

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#3: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Seems like a gimmick to me. Especially on the Slayer with the needle valve. And I challenge people to be able to repeatable enough shots to tell the difference on these machines. So many factors come into play just shot to shot including drinking temp that I doubt one can really tell the difference.
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