Hexagon shaped portafilter basket

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Hello, at work we have a nice espresso machine, however I am not sure the portafilter basket and tamper fit correctly. It's taking a long time to get help from the work facilities so thought I'd try here. I've attached an image of the basket. Not sure if the tamper is too big, but it seems like it doesn't fit correctly and you can't push all the way down into the basket. Do you need a special shaped tamper?


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Wow... If anyone knows why anyone would make a basket like that, please correct me... but, "What a stupid idea".

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#3: Post by truemagellen »

might be a ESE pod basket?


#4: Post by chipman »

That is exactly what it looks like.


#5: Post by JRising »

Pretty deep for an ESE pod, but I have no idea what the group looks like. Maybe it extends well into the basket. Though, if true, that explains the tamp-proof design and brings us back to "I'd like a teabag of very old coffee, what a stupid idea"

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Ah ok, yea that makes sense. Will see if they can just provide a regular basket.

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Get a picture of the group, it could be shaped for pods and the pressure could be set higher than you'd like.

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#8: Post by cebseb »

That almost looks like a single dose basket that got deformed/blown out. I can't say for sure without seeing the basket in its entirety though. Enter to just source a new basket.