Help to understand the difference between stock La Marzocco GS/3 MP and Strada modification?

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Can someone help me to understand the difference between Strada modification and the current MP? What is kit 954, is it something you need with the current MP models?
Am very confused.

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GS/3 MPs manufactured before 2016 aren't able to do flow or pressure profiling. In February 2016, LM introduced the conical valve for the MP and added a group pressure gauge. This update allows the GS/3 to do flow and pressure profiling.

The so-called Strada modification, the origin and source of which I don't know (it wasn't LM), improved older GS/3 MPs by changing the internal configuration inside the group head and adding a pressure gauge. This supposedly makes it similar to the Strada MP, LM's commercial manual pressure profiling machine (as opposed to the Strada EP, which is the automatic pressure profiling version.) Owners with the Strada mod claim it works as well as the conical valve for profiling. That may or may not be the case.

Kit 954 retrofits the conical valve into older Linea PB, Strada and GS/3 MP models that don't have it. The current GS/3 does have the conical valve, so it does not need Kit 954.

The conical valve has a unique bypass feature and LM says the O-rings require changing less often. So if I had an older MP I'd buy Kit 954 rather than doing the Strada mod.

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Peppersass wrote:The so-called Strada modification, the origin and source of which I don't know (it wasn't LM)
It was Pat.

How to install a brewhead pressure gauge on La Marzocco GS/3 MP
Pat Campbell ("Danetrainer") was the first (that I know of) to convert his own GS/3 and he posted this utterly convincing video showing how it worked in actual practice.

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Thanks for your answers.


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That thread brings back fond memories. Thank you for bringing it back up!
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Thank you, very informative