Help! Setting dose for Orchestrale Etnica 3 group (no display)

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#1: Post by haitrinh83 »

Hi all!
I have an espresso maker, but i don't know how to set dose for each button.
It's brand new Orchestrale Etnica. 3 groups (no display).
Please help me! Thank you!

Team HB

#2: Post by ira »

I have no idea, but it is common to do something that lets you push the button to start and then push it again to stop and it will then remember that setting. How you get to that state is beyond me.


haitrinh83 (original poster)

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I usually hold the stop button (or continous button) to get in program. (Brand: Nuova Simonelli, Casadio, BFC, Expobar...)
Then following like you show setting dose above, it will OK.
But it is inactive for this brand - Etinca. I cant get in program by that way.

Team HB

#4: Post by ira »

Have you opened it up to see if there is a switch you can flip to allow programming. Some machines lock programming so employees can't change it.

haitrinh83 (original poster)

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I solved this problem. That small switch is under drain tray, on the right. Thanks for your help!