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#21: Post by TR » Apr 04, 2013, 5:37 pm

Hi trihard. I'm having same issue now after 3 months of use. For background, my R58 frame/casing/drip tray arrived bent during shipping. The bent frame/casing is lower than normal (sits on top of PID plug) which makes it a bit tricky to plug in the PID -- at least plugged in snuggly. I should mentioned that I had the blinking green light a few times but after plugging in the PID, a simple flip of the on/off switch a couple times fixed that and it heated up w/o any issues. After the 2nd time this happened I have kept my PID plugged in at all times b/c of the hassel of getting it snug. Anyway, I went out of town for 2 weeks and came back and now my machine is blinking and PID is displaying an issue with brew temp. It won't heat up at all. I tried the on/off a couple times "trick" and no luck. I unplugged PID and turned machine on/off a couple times and no luck...and I waited 20 minutes to heat it up. It was >60C despite my 115C setting. I'm wondering if you received or discovered anything online that shows you how to make sure the connections are right/tight or solutions to the problem. I've removed the casing but don't want to screw up the brew pump as an espresso machine repair n00b. I'm in SF and the nearest Rocket service is LA. However, they are not keen on having these shipped to them b/c of all the shipping problems. I'm fairly handy/patient and would like to attempt to fix it myself (if possible) -- or at least isolate the issue and ship the part to fix (as opposed to the entire machine). If anyone has advice or feedback please LMK. Thanks all!!

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#22: Post by erics » Apr 04, 2013, 6:10 pm

Well, Tim, I now know what "LMK" means (let me know) so at least your post provided some education. Do you own a digital multimeter?

Does this machine give priority to the brew boiler?, i.e. the steam boiler will not begin to heat unless the brew boiler is satisfied. Inside the control box are two SSR's - are any green lights blinking there?

See this video:

The brew boiler has a temperature sensor which is more than likely a 50K ohm NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor. It likely has a plug connection to the main board - can you disconnect and measure the resistance?

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