Help needed: Caffeine Tragic being humbled by his own setup.

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Hi folks,

Looking for some tips and tricks around my setup, as it's sending me crazy. Coffee flavoured milk is its forte, anything pure is horrible.

Last year I bought a Breville Oracle Touch and after multiple attempts at adjusting grind size etc, was unable to get it dialled in. After some online research I was convinced that my problem was the grinder in the unit, so I bought a Niche Zero (In white, to match my wife's decor). This helped a little but did not get me into "good" territory. As a result, I stopped and the setup has been a constant reminder of my failure - time to get on top of it.

Does anyone have this pairing and have any pointers? I'm starting to wonder if I have simply bought the wrong machine for the job (Oracle)?

Thank you in advance, I'm at my wits end!

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Hey Peter,

Welcome to HB!

This site has a bevy of useful pointers for dialing in. The NZ is a great grinder and the Oracle is basically a Breville Dual Boiler with a built-in grinder, so you have very capable gear to work with on all fronts.

I'd suggest you start by reading/watching the following resources:
Espresso 101: Newbie Introduction to Espresso [videos]

Espresso 101: How to Adjust Dose and Grind Setting by Taste

And then get back to us with specifics around what you are struggling with. What coffee are you using? Is it freshly roasted within the last few weeks? Are your shot times consistent? What brew temperature are you using? What dose and yield are trying? What's wrong with the espresso to your tastes? Too bitter? Too sour? Too weak? Too strong?

All these things will help us help you make sense of what you have going on with your coffee, grinder and espresso machine.


- Jake
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