Help Inspecting/Cleaning/Updating 1986 Pasquini Livietta

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Hello! I am so glad I was referred to this site, but I apologize in advance for my complete ignorance on all things espresso. I inherited a 1986 Pasquini Livietta, which I believe is also the same as the Olympia Maximatica, from what I've read. I say 1986 because I read that the first two digits of the SN are the year it was made, but at the very least, it is a late 80s/early 90s model.

I quickly realized after doing some reading that it is not producing a proper shot. I emailed a video to Barb at OE and she advised me, at the very least, to replace the portafilter gasket, which I have ordered (it is 54mm). I wanted to ask the fine folks here on HB on what else I should do. If anyone is so willing to guide a complete and total newbie, I'd love to learn more about the machine, what I can do to clean it up/what I should look out for, and if anyone has any other tips or tricks. It is my understanding that it probably needs to be descaled-but I'm not totally sure how to determine that. I am so new to this, so I still have some very basic questions. Is Dezcal and/or Cafiza recommended for descaling? Do I just run it through the water chamber? How do I replace the gasket? What is the best way to clean the portafilter and the grouphead? I'm very inexperienced, so I don't want to risk damaging anything, but I'd love to be able to do some of this myself and not pay hundreds of dollars.

To my knowledge, it was last serviced in 2010 by Pasquini, where the notes on the receipt say "Replaced pressure stat, lubed the steam valve, general testing good." Barb noted from the video I sent her that it is pumping water and sounds good.

All that to say, would anyone be willing to guide me through this? Even down to what tools I might need. I also have a Pasquini Mocha Express grinder, but it only grinds one way and it is uneven at that. I was told the burrs would be next to impossible to replace, as they don't make them anymore, but thought I'd ask if anyone has any suggestions. I don't believe it has ever been serviced or looked at. This grinder and the machine were used relatively regularly for decades, but has not seen much use in the last several years. In fact, before I acquired it very recently, it had not been used at all for at least 3 years.

I have the portafilter, the 2 dose cup that came with it, and the plastic tamp that came with it.

I've been reviewing the following posts:
1. /search-res ... &sa=Search
2. new toy: pasquini livietta
3. Slowly working my way through FAQs and the like
4. Watching this:
Thank you so much! I hope this is an okay post. I appreciate any and all guidance and EL15 breakdowns :) .All this before I even learn how to properly pull a shot! I do know, as of now, the water is running through way too quickly. The double cup is 16 grams of espresso (ground by a local roaster on espresso setting). If anyone needs any other info, just let me know!