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Hello HB friends and experts! I am very new here - 2nd day but find the information and posts very valuable. I bought a machine a few days ago and have been trying to identify the model. It is an older machine. Manufacture date is 10/60. I am really looking for user and tech guides so I can set it up and test it out. Seems to be very complete and clean. Thanks for your help, ANY suggestions on testing are also very welcome, especially getting water supplied before I do the real plumbing.


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I had an Astoria compact CKXE up until recently, and I bought it used. I needed some assistance when I first got it, and reached out to CMA/General Espresso Equipment in North Carolina, and they were extremely helpful. Their number is 336-393-0224. Good luck.

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Thank you. I will call them. (original poster)

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That is one on the many variations of the Astoria Junior. Almost all the parts are the same as the Argenta and readily available through most suppliers. has a pretty good set of diagrams and parts list although that machine looks like it's I'm pretty good/complete shape.

Connecting and testing should be fairly easy. Test the element with a multimeter with power disconnected. Them connect water and check for leaks. Then power up with the element disconnected to check autofill and flow to group head. If all is good, you're in business (boring!) if not, let the troubleshooting begin! (original poster)

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THANKS! I will take nice easy steps and get it up and running!