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Shift_Six wrote:Well we just received our machine. (Took 10 weeks after ordering because they were testing and updating them prior to shipping.) Maybe that's a good thing?
After a bunch of research, questions asked about this and the LMLM, we were stoked to have finally pulled the trigger on it.
Now after reading up on this thread, maybe a bit hesitant to really be happy. Hoping they worked out the early teething issues by now.

Wife's looking to use it to do a little coffee trailer weekend business and finding something small, efficient, commercially certified with some of its features, it seemed like the only one on the list that checked those boxes while barely staying in our budget. Probably too late now but if you were in our shoes would you have picked the E1 Prima or something else? Doesn't really seem like the majority of the early issues have been huge. A fuse, some app stuff that's constantly getting tweaked, etc etc probably still hugely frustrating to go through.

Anyways we got her unboxed and plugged in, and flushed. She's pretty. Fingers crossed this isn't an expensive mistake.

Well, I hope they treat you better if you're using it commercially. For home use I've had more down time then it's worth for me. I'm on fuse #3 and one time they sent me the wrong (old) fuse. Now I have a leak and I reported it on 8/31. It is now 9/13 and my machine is just being picked up today to be taken to the local repair shop. It is unknown when it will be back in my possession. It's probably fine if you like to tinker and have quick access to parts, or have a very responsive rep and local repair company. But for reference, I'm in Portland, a pretty huge coffee city.


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Hello everyone
Here's what I noticed about my machine. In the app under Counter, where the number of different references is stored, it is completely reset to zero after one or two days. This is probably not in the inventor's sense.The firmware of the machine is the v220 so the latest.
The machine is now 16 months old and I own it is about 6 weeks since I bought it used.
Has anyone had such a problem before?


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Has anyone tried Weber Unifilter in VA Prima? I'm curious whether the standard version will fit or I need the dogleg.