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MTN Gert wrote:This would probably explain why you are not getting better shots than the Spaziale dream. I wonder if your brew boiler limit switch is tripped like mine. Does your grouphead get very hot to get touch? If it does there is a good chance it is your brew boiler that is not warming.

Do you own a temp gun?

Easiest thing to try is taking temps of the brew boiler and surrounding fittings which should be 140°+

Also on top of your brew boiler you will see 2 different round temp switched, one has a hole you can stick a paperclip in till it clicks to reset. The other solid on is replace only if broken.

Your grouphead has the 2 same temp switches on the left side of the grouohead just inside of the machine and you can reset the one switch with a tiny Allen key if your grouphead isn't getting to hot to touch.

Hope this helps, if you get stuck I can try to upload pics after work tomorrow
Hi OP. I noticed the cup warmer does not really get hot. I thought this was part of the sustainability design :-). I don't own a temp gun but if it is telling that the warm cup is not that hot, then maybe it is a tripped switch which I don't mind resetting it. I just dont' know where exactly to find it.

The Easy Cream Wand works now. It was an app setting that I have to change. The NS provided me the password. But I found out that the actual reading is 17.5˚F off. The machine reads lower than the actual temperature (I used a digital thermometer to verify). I am not sure how helpful it is to change the offset when the range is only +/-5.

If you don't mind telling me exactly where to find the brew limit, I want to do it tonight. Otherwise, I will wait for the pics.


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Hey Dave,
If you end up opening the unit up, can you post pictures from the top looking down, with focus on the front. Also from the sides. Interested to see more details on the internals and how the front plates are held together.

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Saw this in a shop this morning, should have taken more pics! I believe there is a bracket that goes from the top of the front panel to the main frame of the machine.

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Upgrading: La Marzocco Linea Mini vs. Victoria Arduino Prima - Page 6
Upgrading: La Marzocco Linea Mini vs. Victoria Arduino Prima

Prima review in Vietnamese, but he does a great job going through the machine and even opening all the panels to look inside.

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Intro - Part 1

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Intro - Part 2


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Yeah I watched that on Sunday, get the gist of it but wish youtube translated the subs!

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You can do auto translate and select English. That should work.


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Thanks, I tried looking for that feature when I was watching the videos but I couldn't find it. Weird.

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Thanks for posting the video Transporter!

For English subs, you have to hit CC, then if nothing selected, hit Vietnamese. Go back and you should see it. However, the auto translate is weird, not really worth it. Maybe if I get mine I will post a good video from the stateside haha. Nothing really of quality to watch that breaks things down in enough detail.

Surprised at that gap between the bottom gauge and the front bottom panel. It is really disappointing... never noticed that until the photo posted by Zachary and then the video. Will splashes from frothing the milk get in there? Wondering why they couldnt just make this flush...

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Are you referring to this:

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MTN Gert (original poster)

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You can see the 2 limit sensors on top of the mini brew boiler and the resetable one has the hole in the center

It's a lot tougher to see the same sensors on the group head. They are located on the left side, thankfully the resetable one is more accessible and can be reached and reset with an Allen key wrench. The other one is visible but the machine will have to be partially disassembled to remove and replace the group head sensors.

Does the A3 error code come up everytime the machines idles? Or does the error only come up when you put the machine in standby before it reaches temp?
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