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What do other e1p owners set their steam pressure to? The only issue I have had with this machine is steaming small quantities of milk given its 4 hole steam wand and out of the box steam pressure of 2.1 bar...

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Here is what I used with Califia Farms - Almond Milk, Unsweetened Barista Blend.


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I should have specified that I have the standard non-easy cream steam wand


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Just an update to anyone who hasnt done it yet, but the machine firmware version 202 update is finally available and provided for US. I think it came out 3 weeks ago, but I just found out about it via the FB group. Pretty great to finally get the scheduled power on and off features without all the bugs from previous version. Be sure to have a spare CR1220 battery ready as it seems to be normal to throw the AA code after the update. Reach out to your service tech for the file.


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I have also updated to V202 and it's working well for me... great to be able to use the built in schedule. Also able to use a smart switch instead if desired. I had the reported "AA" error code after the update which went away with the battery replacement on the mother board.


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Hi I just wanted to know frown owners if you would still go through with your decision today ? Thinking about taking the plunge. Thanks, Neil


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I'm really enjoying mine. I didn't see the software issues that earlier buyers did... I'm updated to the latest firmware and it's working great. The scheduling process works well if you want to set on/off times. Alternatively it can now be hooked up to a smart switch to turn it on/off or set schedules through a home automation system.


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I am also enjoying mine machine. no problems and no issues until yet.
everything works great, I have a model 2022.
I think most of the problems what I've read from here, are solved with newest models.

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good evening everyone

i'm running into an issue where my shot timer won't turn on while pulling a shot sometimes it miscellaneously turns on during the shot but it doesn't start when the pump starts. Anybody dealing with a similar issue or a work around as its driving me up the wall now that I've noticed it.

I'm using the most current firmware backlighting is on and all settings in the app are on, it lists up and other messages pop up on the screen so its not about the LEDS either.

any assistance would be great.



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Anyone having issues to update firmware on e1 prima ? I got the firmware this week and I tried with several usb drives and I followed the documentation provided but app still says v100. In firmware information. Software 2.02 Is what I got but power Managment which is the changed version is not showing. Supper weird. Anyone has any tips ?