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Synesso...Did I mention Synesso

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They have been trying to release the machine before I even got the Prima. Supposedly they are coming out this summer.


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Hmmm... hopefully there aren't the issues that a lot of products have being the first model of a new range.
Can you not buy the current Hydra single group..?

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Looking for a machine using the standard 110 volt, which would allow me to use it in the office or family room.

Maybe I can start a Go Fund me page to help pay for that machine. Lol. Anyone interested?


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Still going strong with no significant issues with the machine. Recently adjusted the pressure which was showing over 10 bars on the app so that now I have it maxing out at 9.6 bars. As people have indicated, the pressure builds gradually so that it only hits 9.6 bars for a short time. Not sure if I should set the max even lower or whether the pressure at the grouphead is likely to be lower than the app indicates? Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Was able to verify that the Easy Cream temperature cutoff seems to be dead on. Used a thermometer to verify that it was cutting out at 63C which is where I set it in the app for the recipe that I have the machine programmed to run. Don't have to worry about overheating the milk. Just steam it till it stops.

Started using stored recipes to capture all of the settings for the various beans I am trying. Changing coffees is as easy as switching the stored recipe. Really slick.

I also dialed in the Easy Cream air supply so that I am getting really nice microfoam. From the factory the air bubbles were too big - more of a cappuccino froth than a latte foam. The adjustment was easily done through the slotted recessed screw head in the top of the machine. As others have said, the milk steaming ability of this machine is fast and produces great results.

I am running the IMS regular shower screen, an 18g VST filter and a variety of Ladro, Lusso, Black Cat and other local beans (Seattle area). My typical recipe is a 17g dose in and 36g dose out (achieved by setting machine water dose at 61ml) in 26-32 seconds using the timer on the machine with temperature around 92.5C. The shots from this are super consistent and, once I have dialed in the grind to get the pull time I am looking for, delicious.

Compared to my previous experiences trying to make my own espresso (frustrating in that the changes I made would result in seemingly random changes to the output) working with the Prima E1 has been interesting, enjoyable and educational. When I make a change, I can see it flow through in the result and can adapt accordingly. Its's been a lot of fun just learning to use it and make espresso.

One odd glitch is that when I switched to running recipes the auto-purge only kicks on intermittently. Simple enough to press the button when the auto purge doesn't go, but still puzzling why this would happen.

Overall very happy with the machine and wife is very happy with the way it looks in the kitchen. Any and all suggestions and feedback on things I could do to improve my results are welcome.


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Good on you Jim. Nice review!


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I'm playing with lighter roasts (new to me)... what have E1p owners found works best? I have my machine set to 95 degrees, pre infusion 3sec on 3 off times two (12 seconds total) and 18gm of beans with 34-36 gas out


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I've been pouring over this thread...but not finding an answer to my question, which is:

How do I adjust the temperature of the hot water sent via hot water dispenser?
I'm getting 60c and would prefer to have it set to dispense around 70c.


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Here is what Simonelli told me to do to adjust hot water temp.

"The hot water wand has a temperature adjustment screw on top of the machine in the back left corner. There is a small hole in the top panel and you will see a small golden set screw down this hole. Thread the screw in (clockwise) ¼ turn and test the wand. Adjust as necessary."


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Also wanted to update my prior post on Easycream temperature cutoff. When you program through the buttons on the machine (instead of through the recipe in the app) I had the same experience as some of the others that you have to set it about 15 degrees lower. I have set the machine for 53 in order to get a final milk temperature of about 68. Quirky but once you figure out the proper target setting for your machine you don't have to worry about it. Other than that and the still intermittent auto-purge it is going strong and I'm totally happy with it.