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sternalot wrote:Reading through some of the first hand experiences with EP1, and the comments seem extremely...mixed.

I always got the sense that VA had a very good reputation for their commercial equipment, and I'd have to imagine it would need to be in that kind of environment. Is this machine DOA or do people think with some time the kinks can be worked out?

Initially, I had high expectations of the Prima as a great pro-consumer machine since Victoria Arduino machines are used in barista competitions and many coffee shops. Unfortunately, the misconception that a company that makes commercial machines is in a position to succeed in the consumer market, which apparently is not the case.

Many manufacturers are trying to produce pro-consumer products during COVID times when consumers are working remotely and visiting cafes less. Unfortunately, applying a commercial approach is not the same as selling to B2B, and it seems the support or the products are not well developed.

The machine has the potential to be great, but there is a complete disconnect between service and engineering. Problems are not being resolved or tracked in a manner that helps solve the root of the problems. It seemed like no one was probing for root cause issues and instead of letting the consumers become their R&D at the expense of the consumer experience.

I have never had a machine that frustrated me so much, not to mention the lack of support and parts to support the machine. I think you have to evaluate the machine and the support you will receive with the after-sale. Several issues have been rectified, but major defects in the design still exist, and it's one reason I decided to send my machine back after a lengthy dispute process.


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Hi everybody! Hopefully posting in the right place.

Brand new here..I've gotten help here before reading up but it's about time I made an account. I'm happy to see that the Prima is in quite a few people's hands now. I haven't had much time to read all 55 pages of this thread but I did run into someone mentioning the gauge that seems to be seated incorrectly. That was the first problem we noticed on the machine. I don't own it, I know someone with it.

Overall it's been holding up for about 3-4 months now, with some digital/app problems here and there. Another thing that I also saw mentioned was the lack of a drain fitting and hose for the drip tray, which is very shallow..maybe my biggest con of the machine. From what I understand though, Italy is supposed to fix this issue and I believe produce specific drip trays for US customers.

This is what prompted me to make an account- the other day the water in the reservoir was boiling. I cannot imagine how or why..the machine was shut down and a while later turned it on and it's been fine since.

Has anybody else seen this? It's extremely baffling.

I was and am hoping for this machine to
rock home and small-commercial espresso- after my unfortunately still current experience with the Linea Mini (a WHOLE other, very irritating story). I haven't had the experience for the length of time on the Prima as I did the Mini, but it didn't take long for the Mini to start acting up. Started at 6 months, and 3 years later still nonstop problems with it. Thus far, I'd recommend the Prima hands down over the Mini. Again, different story.

But. For now, the boiling reservoir in the Prima. Anyone?



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After having two machines with a lot of issues coming out of the first two batches, third one coming out of the recent batches is running since half a year very smoothly. So my advise would me to use warranty and try to get a machine of newer production line


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New owner of the E1 Prima. We got ours on Christmas. Been using it daily since then to make 1-2 espresso drinks - usually a latte or cappuccino. No plumbing on mine, just standalone. A few quirks like the odd water low indicator despite the water being full. But overall a fairly headache free experience using the machine and the app. The only real cons are small water tank, small drip tray and loud pump. Everything else has been great. Rock solid feel when locking in portafilter, amazing milk steaming (I got the Easy Cream version), and easy to set brew temperature and water dose. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to set the target temperature for the milk steam wand. It is supposed to have an automatic cut off at a certain temperature but I don't see the setting in the app. Most importantly people are loving the drinks I am making. And I am not a particularly skilled or experienced espresso maker - having only dabbled a bit in the past with a lever machine. So I am happy with the machine and super pleased with the drinks I am able to make.

Just received a naked portafilter today and I have some work to do to get my extractions more even. Sourcing portafilters seemed daunting at first since the machine is new there aren't a lot of accessories identified as being for this specific machine. But I ordered some generic, inexpensive Simonelli portafilters and they seem to work fine. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems like maybe all VA or Simonelli machines use the same portafilters.

Finally, received next day email from Simonelli on the questions I sent in to my supplier. So customer support was prompt and helpful. So good experience there as well. Not questioning anyone else's experience, just sharing mine in case it is helpful to someone.

Looking forward to learning more about the machine from this obviously knowledgeable group.



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I have had a really good experience with the Prima as well as with support from VA's USA parent company (Nuova Simonelli) based in Seattle. I've had the machine for about 8 months and have had none of the issues with app connectivity that the initial 'machines had. I really like the highly adjustable pre-infusion parameters (done in the app prior to pulling shots) as well as what VA describes as their "soft infusion system" that slowly ramps up the pressure. I feel as though I get really consistent non-channeling extractions as observed from my NS bottomless portafilter (I think all NS and VA portafilters are the same with the offset "ears"). To my ears the sound of the rotary pump is fairly quiet and pleasant compared with my old Ms. Silvia. I found the drip tray to be somewhat small and therefor plumbed it in. The early trays weren't pre-drilled so when NS got some in they shipped a new tray that was drilled at no charge. I also had the empty tank icon flashing (IIRC prior to plumbing the machine in) but if you wait a few extra seconds after turning the main power switch on before bringing it out of the standby mode with the middle button the flashing icon goes away (I think the machine needs to go through some sort of system check once the main power switch is turned on).
One question: did your recent machine ship with the V200 firmware that allows for scheduled power management? It was released in Europe late last year and NS has told me that they are testing it here in the US.


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I just got word they won't be releasing the update after testing. Too many bugs, so they pulled the plug. Looks like we will have to wait longer for the power management functions.

Aside from that, I'm an early adopter of the E1 and have had minor issues. Learning from a few on here and support, I've been able to diagnose issues and fix them in a timely manner. Overall I'm happy with the machine but I am nervous as I go out of warranty in April.


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New member, first post :)

Bought an E1P and had a very poor experience. Unit arrived damaged from shipping, legs bent and drip tray misaligned. Further, there were cosmetic defects on multiple surfaces of machine, including the powder-coating and the chrome finish. Purchased from Voltage, and I have to say their service was great, every disappointing experience was related to the VA-North America service in Washington State.

VA told me the bent legs were 'not that bad' and that they've 'seen worse.' They recommended that I bend them back and they offered to send a tech to do so. They also told me that the drip tray arms were 'malleable' and could be bent back as well. I asked for a replacement machine and they wouldn't entertain it. I used the machine for a few days and noticed some common complaints - steam pressure gauge alignment (VA said this was expected), generally loud noise when the pump refills the steam boiler, constant flashing of the heating indicator, and the reservoir sensor failing to report when the water was low resulting in the machine running dry. Photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/Lyrm3Z3NdU69YefEA.

After a couple days, the machine failed during a backflush cycle. The steam boiler OPV opened with a loud whistle and released a bunch of water into the machine. After this, when I ran the pump, you could see the steam pressure modulate, and if you ran it for more than a few seconds, the OPV would open. I'm guessing it was a solenoid failure letting the pump pressure reach the steam boiler. Video here https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ld4BwweqjkBWLMry7

Almost two weeks passed with no response from VA-North America. Voltage finally reached them and negotiated a machine replacement. At this point, I opted for a return and a refund. Poor reliability coupled with terrible service is a dangerous combination. Suffice to say, I didn't want to deal with VA anymore in the future.

Anyhow, I'm now trying to figure out what comes next, and waiting to see what the Sanremo You turns out to be and curious about the Synesso home machine. Unfortunately, had sold my BBE when the E1P arrived, so I'm back on pourover and trying to find a BBE or BDB machine to fill the gap. Again, Voltage was wonderful every step of the way, by no means an issue with the dealer.

Wanted to share my experience to warn others. Hope you find this helpful.