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#531: Post by Viper.gts »

Just trying to find out what it does and what the "ideal" setting is then :-)

So any suggestion for "ideal"?

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I would not run it under 1.8 bar since the steam boiler will not have sufficient pressure to provide consistent steam adequately to create microfoam. The machine uses higher pressure to compensate for the smaller steam boiler, so running it at a lower pressure will result in poor-quality microfoam. If you're steaming a large pitcher like 65cl, you need to have around 2 bars, or you will have some difficulty creating consistent microfoam in a large milk pitcher.

Higher pressure creates more dryer steam and helps create microfoam. Lower pressure in a small boiler will drop out quickly, unlike a large steam boiler that can sustain steam pressure from its volume even though the initial pressure is lower.

Hope that helps.


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So this would mean I should pitch it up to max?

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I would run it in the gray area, which is around 2.2 bar. In European markets, the use of 220 allows the manufacturers to use a more powerful heating element that reduces the heating time and steam recovery.

Increasing the bar creates more dry steam for a short burst because you are still limited to steam volume capacity. If you go outside of the safety range of those limits, there is a risk of failures on seals or setting off pressure release valves that help avoid the machine exceeding safety parameters if it even allows you to reach those limits.

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Anybody knows where to find more info on the Power Management function?

I have looked both in the manual and searched in the forum I can't seem to be able to find any useful data.

Note: I have see that in some country (especially those in 110V) it is not available due to lack of power.



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Is there whatsapp group of prima users in place? Or might it an idea to set one up if there is interest to join? Think the machine is worth discussing on a more regular basis :-)


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Beautiful machine, had it about 2 weeks. Making about 4-6 drinks per day, home use. I need to reset the water level sensor, but no functional issues besides that. I will say this is the loudest machine I've ever used, definitely no early morning espresso without rousing the household. If the pump is running, you can't really talk over it. It's louder than my airbrush compressor. Really, that's my only complaint. The cleaning cycle is a really nice feature. Eventually I'll plumb it in, getting by for now with the reservoir and drain tray. The paddle switches took a little getting used to, but are very functional, just don't bump them. Often when I start my shots, the hot water spout dispenses some. Overall happy, 4/5.


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After linking the machine to the app the machine is acting up. Lights are not coming on, volumetric are going manual, and the steam pressure drop after steaming 2 drinks.

App doesn't work at all. Any way to reset the machine to factory settings?

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#539: Post by Transporter » replying to Cruzithi »

Turn off the machine completely by flicking the power switch at the bottom right of the machine. Wait about one minute, then hold all three buttons on the group head and flick the power switch at the bottom.
The machine will start to flash "DP" then once you press the middle button, the reset should be complete.

I returned my machine after it had multiple issues that plagued it like a lemon car. The support on the machine was not fantastic, which made my whole experience terrible. I hope everyone has a better experience than I did. It's one reason I am going back to La Marzocco or Slayer for my next machine.


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Reading through some of the first hand experiences with EP1, and the comments seem extremely...mixed.

I always got the sense that VA had a very good reputation for their commercial equipment, and I'd have to imagine it would need to be in that kind of environment. Is this machine DOA or do people think with some time the kinks can be worked out?