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#501: Post by Transporter »

Viper.gts wrote:I am thinking of a puqpress...since I can use with my vst filters in the eagle one different tamper sizes I am
wondering westher I need the 58mm version
or 58.3?
Get the 58.3 which works with VST and the factory baskets. I have the CUBE with both 58mm and 58.3mm. When I switched to VST and E&B basket, I started to use the 58.3mm.


#502: Post by BoArler »

Was about to order the E1P but reading all the posts in this thread scared me off.
Thank you to every one who used time to share there experience with E1P

Kind regards
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#503: Post by Transporter » replying to BoArler »

The machines in the market now have the initial software issues resolved. I don't think you should be discouraged to get one. That would be my first choice if the speedster were available in 120v, but my Prima has performed well. I only wish that the tray was a bigger capacity since I don't have it plumbed in.


#504: Post by JP2019 »

My machine officially died today! Not sure what's going on yet but looks like the machine is still getting power and heating up but the brew group and everything else is completely dead. Keep you guys posted. From what I can see, the three fuses on the board are intact.


#505: Post by JTom »

Have you found the cause yet? Over 7 days w/o espresso is just frightening. :D


#506: Post by JP2019 »

Lol. Sorry, got tied up. Simonelli was quick to send out a new fuse. Went three days without. Apparently there is a fuse under the boiler. Random how it blew but it was super easy to switch out and now back in action.

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#507: Post by bbuijsman »

Hey JP, could you let me know how you get to the fuse?

I have the same today, the red power switch goes on, but nothing on the grouphead...

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#508: Post by JP2019 »

You have to lift the machine to its right side so you can access underneath on the left. You will see a small plate on the bottom of the machine to the left held in by two Philips head screws. Removing these screws gives to access to the bottom of the steam boiler. The fuse is wrapped in orange cellophane. The fuse just pulls out of the boiler and is connected by two spade connectors. Swap the fuses and slide the new fuse into the boiler. You don't need to slide the fuse all the way in, just enough to cover the actual fuse.

Simonelli will ship you a part to replace it.

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#509: Post by bbuijsman »

Awesome! Thanks.

This was the culprit! Still, really weird it would break.....


#510: Post by MrBrutti »

Thanks for this. I run into this issue yesterday, all of the sudden. Very weird that several people are having the same issue around the same time. Quick question do you know the part number / characteristics of the fuse they replace ?