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#491: Post by bbuijsman »

Hi all, another Eagle 1 owner joining in!

Got 2 additions to the conversation:

I'm going to try and see if I can insulate the pump and the top platform to see if I can make it slightly more silent (This machine is loud compared to a Linea Mini!)

I would love to update the firmware, does anyone have access to the latest version?



#492: Post by bobbieO7 »

Yes, it's v100.

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#493: Post by exidrion »

Glenn wrote:
(3) Sometimes when the machine was turned on with the main power switch, the steam wand and the hot water tap would discharge at full power for a few seconds and then shut off--this was obviously startling when it would happen, and dangerous when the machine was still hot and discharged steam and hot water
This is terrifying :shock:. Imagine making your morning cappuccino and 10 minutes later you're rushed to the hospital to treat 200F burns.

I'm surprised this machine made it to market with a bug like that. I was considering it, but this swayed me away. GEEZ.


#494: Post by boshk » replying to exidrion »

All new machines are buggy, some more than others and YES, this one is more buggy.

This 200F/100C scenario could very well happen but also very unlikely.
Why would you turn it on from main switch when its at 200F? I guess you could have just made a drink, started drinking, switched it off at mains instead of putting it into 'standby mode', then decided instantly you need another drink.....so you switch it on and 200F water comes out.

If its from cold, there isn't any water even if its solenoid activated hot water and steam since theres no pressure built up.


#495: Post by exidrion » replying to boshk »

I thought he was saying it would happen at random when it was on, I misread. :mrgreen:

I mean it's still bad, but much less bad.


#496: Post by boshk » replying to exidrion »

Maybe it does, but I never switch it off with the power button on the underside of the machine. I have turned my machine on from standby mode after 5-10mins because the wife changed her mind after seeing my drink and wanted one too, never had the water and steam issue.

With the Prima, its solenoid controlled steam/hot water, so I'm guessing if electric power is totally cut then switched on, it could reset the solenoids and release the pressure built up. If they didn't build a safety feature in to prevent this, someone in Victoria Arduino's R&D should get their ass kicked for this.

I'm by no means a tech engineer so I can't read the schematics properly, maybe someone on the forum will be able to or have full access to it.

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#497: Post by Transporter » replying to boshk »

What schematics are you trying to read? Are you referring to BOM or models?

There are still supply and parts issues with the machine. Simonelli offering me replacement parts that are not correct in the specification is concerning.

I tried to order some replacement gaskets and dispersion plates. Simonelli instead offered me an aluminum dispersion plate instead of the original stainless steel, even with me putting AISI 316 material specification and part numbers on the order form. Not sure what the point is to provide part numbers if Simonelli gives you different parts since they lack the original.

They know people will backflush the machine with the detergent that will remove the oxidation of aluminum and tarnish it. It also required me to ask them twice to clarify the differences in materials before they responded that they didn't have these parts yet.

Unfortunately, until all the factories are fully operational and the supply chain normalized, the shortage will continue in the market. I just wish you could order the parts online without the human aspect to make it a difficult process.

I planned to get some polished pannels, but it may be easier to sell the machine and order a new one with those pannels..lol.