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Hi Glenn,

It's hard when you have these issues to like the machine. The manufacturer waited until the new firmware was released to ship my machine, which probably avoided the software's original troubles.

I had a GS3 AV prior, and they are great machines. Honestly, at these levels, you can't go wrong with any machine. The LM GS3 advantage is its been in the market for a long time and has had time to mature and refine the problems.

My next machine will probably be a Kees van der Westen Speedster. I love that look. It's sort of like having a mechanical movement on a watch that makes it unique.


#482: Post by Glenn »

I compare the Atom 75 with blow up to the Ceado E37SD it replaced for me. The blow up forces a much stronger puff through the chamber and chute and I think works better than the Ceado did despite it being billed as an SD grinder. The adjustment is also far easier on the Atom and you can load the hopper and dose if desired.

Re the MP, I don't mind the tinkering aspect of the shot...when I feel like a project I have the flex, but when I just want coffee I push the paddle over slowly and consistently without pausing and I think you still naturally get a little preinfusion and a soft infusion (like your E1P) as the pressure ramps. You can also just flip it to 9bar like an on-off switch. Noted re the drip tray--should be plumbed for multiple Slayer-type long longs as much H2O gets dumped for those.

Take care,

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Transporter wrote:The advantage of the tool is you can remove the shower screen with the diffuser plate without it burning you while the machine is still hot.
Yes I get that and what I do is the same process as I have a Phillips driver in hand and simply wrap a small towel around my hand so when I remove the screen/jetbreaker/disc it all drops neatly into the cupped towel, no burns or mess. A tool like that would surely be handy if doing this sort of thing very regularly, but not the 2-3x monthly I currently do.

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I clean my shower screen daily but I also make 10-12 coffees a day and sometimes more if I have visitors. I should also mention that I am OCD so that would explain a lot. Lol


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Nothing wrong with that... over the years I've found doing a water backflush followed by a portafilter wiggle at the end of each daily session really keeps things clean to not need detergent cleaning as often as I once did.


#486: Post by Glenn »

Thanks. To be clear, I liked the E1P a lot. I was admittedly a very early buyer and I just didn't want to chance having recurring issues. Simonelli knows what they are doing and I am sure these bugs get fixed. It pulled great, consistent shots. Enjoy.


#487: Post by Glenn »

BTW, the Kees is great. I also like the San Remo Cafe Racer, and am partial to the VBM Replica Pistone, which I would like to spend some time with and see if I like the commercial lever experience. Other home is being built out with 220v on the bench, no cabinets above bar, and robust plumbing and drainage, so that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a next level machine, dedicated sink, milk rinser, etc. The hobby is never ending...eh?

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#488: Post by Transporter » replying to Glenn »

Hi Glenn,

I would set up a dual group head espresso machine with a 220 outlet along a dedicated coffee kitchen area. The Prima, in my situation, is an ideal setup since it draws less power and has not tripped my breaker. It allows more flexibility in a home environment, even on the same circuit as my entertainment system, and I never had issues. My complaint is with the drip tray since I don't have it plumbed, and I wish it had a wire design to avoid water collection.

I think the Speedster has not changed much over time which is what attracts me to it too. Maybe it's the engineer in me that draws me to the mechanical aspects of the machine.


#489: Post by bobbieO7 »

New home barista and E1P owner here, good news from my local importer is that they are testing scheduled timer in the app, still in beta version and the app will only have one schedule preset for now.


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Is your machine v100 firmware? I'm still v32.