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#371: Post by KenF »

Just received shipping notice on unit ordered couple months ago. USA.


#372: Post by BCN »

My offset settings stayed the same after updating, both -8. But the temperature behavior definitely changed and VA told me that would happen. Now I am waiting to get a Scace device. Till then trying to figure out by finding the boiling point. That lead me from -8 Offset to +5 so far, but still investigating.

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#373: Post by 111a111sk »

Where are you getting the Scace from? I see it only here: https://www.espressoparts.com/products/ ... 3501372603 ... 300$ + 50$ shipping to EU + tax + customs


#374: Post by BCN »

I asked VA for it as my machine still has warranty. They delivered it with several bugs and fixed them with an update that decalibrated it.


#375: Post by 111a111sk »

I reset all offsets to 0. Then I tried to measure the output stream in the single spout portafilter with a needle thermometer and the highest reading I could get was 85°C with boiler set to 93.5°.

Maybe the value was inverted? I'll try +4 instead of the original -4.

// with +4 offset and 93.5° setpoint I'm getting 89° in the spout


#376: Post by BCN » replying to 111a111sk »

Unfortunately you cannot measure it like that, cause the conditions and flow in a closed Portafilter is much different. That is why there is a device like Scase. From an owner of a Scase calibrated E1P I was told that (without portafilter) the water starts to boil at the grouphead at 96 degree (you can hear it). According to that I set my machine Offset till I get Scase and it seems pretty close to me. Though others might say it should not boil under 99 degree celsius if you are not somewhere in the hills. But currently I have the feeling the 96 degree is closer to the truth. You could also try that. I suppose in your case +4 is much closer to the truth than -4.


#377: Post by ioniccy »

Could you please send me the updated firmware as well?
There are too much bugs in the old version.
Please send it to ioniccy@gmail.com
Thank you very much for your help

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#378: Post by pschloes »

Just received my E1p and getting to know how it functions... seems like a great design and built like a tank. My only problem so far is with the instruction manual, fairly limited information (anyone know of a source for more detail on its operation?).
One question I have is the "dose 1" and "dose 2" in the app... does that map to the buttons on the group head & which ones (1 & 3)? Is the middle button on the group always a manual on/off button for pulling shots?


#379: Post by 111a111sk »

Yes dose 1 is left, dose 2 right, and middle button is manual


#380: Post by emslibbles »

For anyone interested, these are my offsets, set with a scace.