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Viper.gts wrote:This video solves programming the waterdose wa per need! Another big complaint solved...the weired thing solution was always in place but simply not explained in the manual or anywhere else:

Actually it was already explained in chapter 7 of my manual. But I totally agree, the manual could be a lot more specific in that and many other areas. Therefore the video is helpful.

But I find it quite strange, that the video ends with connecting to the machine via Bluetooth, without describing how to set the dose via App. I assume the reason is that it just doesn't work correctly via App.


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Would anyone be interested in the bottomless portafilter from NS for the Prima? I ended up getting a wooden handle and no longer needing it. PM for details. I will post in the marketplace.

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Anyone heard when these will start shipping again?


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In Spain they are in stock. Received mine within 4 days.


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The app is updated perhaps weekly, android 11 still doesn't find the machine though. Last they added auto-reconnect. The connection to the machine times out, not sure what the period is, maybe 1h. So now when you open the app it goes through the reconnection automatically. I'm beginning to suspect some hardware issues, and they're instead going for such workarounds. I'm worried that the android connection might be unfixable.

// Solved by enabling the location along with bluetooth

Luckily I haven't seen any errors at all. I tried to enable power management (there's only a toggle, no detailed option). Only thing I noticed is warm-up got much much slower. The machine didn't go to standby even after hours.

Volumetric dosing works wonderfully, that's what I care the most about, what I paid for. I adjust it through the app.

The espresso outcomes exceeded my expectations, there's been not a single undrinkable shot yet, or let's say below-average café level. Most attempts I'd place in the 90th percentile.

Steaming is overwhelmingly fast for newbie like me, took me 2 weeks to make a decent milk drink. Not to mention the latte-rorschach attempts :lol:

Shower screen doesn't seem to do a great job to me, I'll definitely try the IMS SI200NT.

Baskets I got are the blind, 7g marked, 14g marked (2nd one with bottomless portafilter), probably 18g (24mm height), and maybe 22g (26.5mm height).
I'm pretty confident about the 18g one, with 18.5g dose the shower screen screw makes a dry imprint.

Now I watched their video on the Power management. He says it reduces power spikes during the initial warm-up by not using all heating elements simultaneously. Which sound pretty damn useless. But the 2-group Eagle One has on/off scheduler! So hopefully coming soon to Prima.

The password to tech settings is 1936 and there you can see the Firmware version (mine also has V32). And not much else. Someone was wondering if you can just walk in a café and mess with their Eagle One - so no, here you can set a password.


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Probably a foolish question, but how does one use volumetric dosing if you're used to weight based (i.e. 18gm coffee yielding 36gm in the cup for my typical shot)?


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It's dosing volume of water reaching the basket. There is a significant amount of water retained in the puck. So you have to empirically figure out the relation between the programmed water dose and weight in cup. For example I have 61ml water dose programmed, and with 18g of coffee I get 38g in the cup. If I want to try 18->36g recipe, I set the dose to 59ml.

Of course this is inferior to gravimetric dosing like the Black Eagle has. I wonder who will be the first to bring this to a home model.

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The Decent can do this. I wonder if the Prima can eventually do this with a Bluetooth scale.


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I've changed to a IMS SI200NT 2 weeks ago.
read alot online about the coating issues, some mentioned that its much improved now.
so I decided to have a go with it.

I recently did a cleaning cycle with EVO (included with Prima)
I remove the screen for inspection
more than 50% of the coating flacked off.

(Brew about 3-4 cups a day, i didn't rub it with any cloth, I using a VST 18gms and dont overfill)

I think you will be better off getting the normal non NT version and save some $

btw i just cleaned the original shower screen with a ultrasonic cleaner, after cleaning the dispersion looks as good as the IMS.
probably you can try this too.


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Pha, so I washed the shower screen with dish soap, misaligned the holes as much as possible, and it's dispersing much nicer and evenly now