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Last week I was finally able to collect mine. The first shot I pulled (actually the very first in my life) turned out surprisingly really good. I expected some undrinkable attempts.

I have 230V version made in 03/2021, power management off, no errors so far.
But OnePlus 7T Pro (Android 11) doesn't detect the machine. Luckily I also have iPhone X from work and that sees it without issues.

// Solved by enabling the location along with bluetooth

It came with 4 baskets (+ 5th in the bottomless portafilter). But none is marked. Any idea what dose are they sized for? I'm just starting with 18g in the one that came in the double-spouted and seems about right.

I think some improvements may have been silently implemented:
The group head feels completely solid mounted, doesn't move the slightest.
The finishing is overall flawless, with no sharp edges (water tank lid edge isn't exactly polished but doesn't feel like it could ever cut me).
The drip tray has a rubber seal that slides in/under the machine, although it's ridiculously small inside, the outside dimension would allow for even double the actual volume.
By looking at the shower screen it doesn't seem to disperse water very uniformly, but pucks look spotless, even when I f****d up grind setting and had a 59s/39g pull, no sign of channeling on top.


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Well. Enough waiting for me, I just upgraded my prima order to a slayer.

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111a111sk wrote:
It came with 4 baskets (+ 5th in the bottomless portafilter). But none is marked. Any idea what dose are they sized for? I'm just starting with 18g in the one that came in the double-spouted and seems about right.
Received my E1 Prima (Firmware V32) two days ago. Quite happy with the machine itself so far, but the app is still bit experimental and the manual misses lot of important information. Was asking myself the same question about the filter basket sizes. So far just found the answer for the single and the double, not for the bigger ones:


#324: Post by icedlink »

It's confusing really, I got 4 basket with my prima

1 single - 03000072 , 2 double (03000322 and 03000073) a blind filter.

In the manual it states 14, but from various sites 18g

03000322 is shallower and has more holes than 03000073

http://simonelliusa.com/pc_product_deta ... FCF041D1A6

Double Conical Coffee Basket 18gm (previously 03000322)

I've done some measurements
03000322 height is 21.65mm. Diameter of holes is 47.62mm
03000073 height is 24.52mm. Diameter of holes is 40.25mm
VST 18g height is 24.00mm. Diameter of holes is 47.75mm

03000322 measurements resembles VST 15gm


#325: Post by BCN »

I got 4 baskets plus the blind basket. The two conical ones have Simonelli and numbers printed on them and are also in the manual, the two bigger straight ones not.


#326: Post by icedlink »

The two unlabeled basket posted above - hole pattern resembles 03000322.

I've bought a Naked portafilter by Nuova Ricambi
It comes with a basket (not labeled)

It has the exact hole configuration (I placed it back to back to compare) as Nuova Simonelli 03000322 but with a taller height of 28mm.

Using Vst basket height as reference 28mm = 22gm

The other taller basket you have is probably a 25gm
(basket height of 30mm)


#327: Post by BCN »

22g and 25g could be right. Currently using the "22g one" for doses of 17g and 18g and some space left - it works, without prewetting.

I would probably get some VST filters and a new shower screen at some point.

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VA just dumped a slew of instructional videos on their YouTube channel. I wonder what's cooking...


#329: Post by Viper.gts »

This video solves programming the waterdose wa per need! Another big complaint solved...the weired thing solution was always in place but simply not explained in the manual or anywhere else:



#330: Post by icedlink »

any idea what VA has done/improved to secure the Group head so it won't flex vertically?
maybe just some tightening of some screws that we can DIY?

noticed that 111a111sk unit's brew boiler has two manual reset switch(green dot with a hole) , (usual is one automatic and other manual ).

interesting the Vietnamese reviewer unit only has one switch.