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icedlink wrote:video

just wanted some comments on this video.
Do we need to clean it this way - Everyday ? since its titled "Daily cleaning routine"

I only brew about 4 cups a day...

I asked Simonelli tech guys the same thing today lol. We are good for cleaning 1 time a week. Can even stretch to 2. I make about 4-6 a day as well and that is overkill IMO.


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Thanks for the reply.

I guess I'll do it every 7 to 10 days. ^_^

So far my unit has no A1 A3 issues or error codes till date.

The only issue I have is Bluetooth connectivity.
It keeps dropping and need to reconnect back,
and say after a certain period, the machine is no where to be found. Unless I turn it off and on again.

I notice the unit has 2 esp32 SoC, capable of WiFi and BT
(One on the attached to the main board, and another in a casing attached to the right side body panel) I wonder the thick aluminum (? Steel) body panels is affecting its connections.

I hope they will enable WiFi soon.

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I also found it very strange to call this daily cleaning...however if you do chemical cleaning: do you rely just on the cleaning program and hope all is out or do you rinse more afterwards?


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I was thinking how odd. That VA didn't think of potential security issues with their BT implementation.

Since they are marketing prima to small stalls / roasters etc.

Anyone with the app can just connect to the machine and change the settings without the operator/owner knowing.


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111a111sk wrote:In most countries GS3 costs 20% more. So for exactly the same price, I'd probably go with GS3, IF it is the latest IoT version.
After using E1 Prima for a while, there are couple things I think the E1P is better. Water dispensing from the screen is fantastic, the requirement of portafilter preparation skill is way less than GS3. You need to grind and tamp properly in order to pull a shot with minimal channeling with GS3. Versus E1P the water dispensing has done a lot of job for you, I'm pretty sure my tamping skill is just as lousy as always, but all the pucks came out from E1P looks the same, preinfusion to minimize channeling is not necessary.

Secondly, volumetric feature is really convenient, especially when it pair up with E65S GbW grinder. The grinder allows you to set recipes, parameters included target dispensing coffee grinds weight, and most importantly - burr distance. So how do I work with these two machines together? For instance, my RECIPES 1 on E65S is dispensing 19.1 gram of coffee with a targeted burr distance, then I set E1P button ONE a targeted dosing of 60ml of water. This combination gives me 36ml of coffee in 25 seconds, close to 1:2 ratios, I would use it for milk based drink or cold drink. Then with the same grinder I have set RECIPES 2 to dispense 18.1 gram of coffee with different burr distance, I use this grind settings to use on my E1P button THREE to make coffee, with dosing of 77ml of water. This will give me total 53ml of coffee in 30 seconds, around 1:3 ratios, I would use it for espresso drinking or milk drink with less intensity. I can make coffee of different ratios with same grinder and espresso machine conveniently without need to switch grind size back and forth.

The steam of E1P is very good, dry and powerful. It's not La Marzocco type powerful, La Marzocco is like an engine with a lot horsepower, pushing a lot of steam out. On the other hand, E1P isn't like that, but 2.1 bar of steam power still capable to steam your milk in a short time. Key difference, the way it deliver steam would help to texture your milk easier. Even if you started with wrong position, causing a lot of bubbles, it could still help you to swirl it back to smooth texture towards the end.


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Just noticed, the portafilter sensor, has a light too.

and seems like turning off the power management shortens the startup / warmup time ?

(I'm getting 5mins from ambient , and at times 8mins to get the machine up to 93Deg )


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I'm new here from Cambodia. Got my Prima E1 for few weeks.
What bother me are:
- A3 error after 40min of using or leaving it on (already try off/on power management), but not yet try resetting boiler middle switch.
- Dosing in app is suck, 1st dose is flows nonstop.
- My machine version Is v28 looking for way to update

Thank you for further advice.

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Hi, just wondering how / where can you find out about the machine version ?


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Can you guys share what is the brewing pressure that show on your E1 App while you pulling a shot? Mine is at 5-6 bars



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Mine gets up to 9 bars. If you're not making 9 bars, try adjusting it with the wheel? Assume the easiest way to do this would be while it's running with the blind filter in. But Google might tell you if that's the best way or not...