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gscace wrote:Unfortunately, I see this post sliding down the list of posts in the machines section. I wish there was some archive of such work on this site so that researchy things would not get buried.
Thanks for the reminder, I added this thread to the forum's FAQs and Favorites. For those following along, the digest of all the forums' FAQs and Favorites is available in this article and the unabridged version is here (they don't necessarily overlap).
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I lost track of this thread because it isn't one I've commented on before (after it got split off) and being tied up recently with an out of town trip.

Thanks for the efforts you have expended to give some some relevance to the pressure profiling work that you are doing and that we all appreciate.

My own bias, which I've probably repeated too many times on various threads over the years, is that (assuming an overall decent level of equipment) there is much more hay to be made in the bean selection and in the roasting "departments" than there is to be made by the choice of equipment or in the way that the equipment is utilized. I hope that you will ultimately prove me wrong.

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