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For what it's worth, I tried a few different tips on my Cimbali Jr., and ended up using the short EPNW tip shown in a picture above, except that I drilled out the holes to be about 1.5x bigger. The original holes also made good microfoam, but it took too long!

And I hate tips that have holes on the side. I always forget to hold a cup right under the wand when clearing the water in the morning, and end up spraying myself.

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I believe the original thought behind the design was to slow down the heat process. That way we amateurs have a little more time to develop nice microfoam before our milk hits the plunge temp.

On a side note, I have never gone back to my stock tip. I only froth enough milk for one cappuccino so the reduced output is nice. I can consistently get nice, silky foam. Now if I can just learn to pour rosettes...


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Does anyone know how to get a "decent" tip in the Netherlands. I have a Giotto Classic and it has the "Std" tip as shown in the overview image. As I only serve one cappuccino to my girlfriend at a time, no need to steam more...


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I can't advise nearby sources, but EPNW happily accepts overseas orders. Given the diminutive size of the part, shipping shouldn't be costly.

Image courtesy of EPNW

Another (cheaper) option is closing up the holes in your current tip and drilling one centered hole. Dave and others have successfully "tuned" various tip / equipment combinations, for example:
cannonfodder wrote:I took the two hole tip that came with my Isomac (replaced it with a gold pro long ago) and it uses the same size thread. Once again the holes are two small so I got to thinking, why not just open them up? So out came the cobalt drill bits and drill press.

The feeler gauge tells me that the new 4 hole tip and the stock Isomac two hole tip have the same size opening. So I drilled out the two holes to 1/16 inch which is still smaller than the old 4 hole tip. It made a huge difference. The overall volume of steam from the modified 2 hole appears to be very close to the smaller 4 hole. However the angle of the jets works much better in a smaller pitcher with a smaller volume of milk. It generates an incredible vortex in the pitcher and whipped up perfect wet microfoam on the first try.

Dan Kehn


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Thanks for the tip (doh!). EPNW will indeed ship happily... But $39,45 shipping for a $12,99 product is too much for me. I think I'll wait until I want some more stuff.

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Even though our cart won't calculate it for you we can and will send USPS Express International which will cut that price in half or better. We also will do Parcel Post Internationally but it seriously takes about 3 weeks is hard to track and no one wants to wait that long anyway.

You'd think that with computers and website shipping calculators and such that shipping would be easier these days. It's not... Our shopping cart system (and many others) are regulated and ruled by the BIG shipping companies these days. Because of strict rules competing shipping services (mainly FedEx & UPS) are not allowed to be displayed at the same time. It's really stupid I know but as we have it set up we use UPS Domestically and FedEx Internationally. BUT... we will ship using any of the methods (UPS, USPS, FedEx) if requested.

So there you go more than you ever wanted to know about e-commerce shipping.
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Thanks, it's great you get great response by the shops themselves. I need to pick up my new creditcard next friday (won't be home earlier).

If I have it how can I order? Should I just order through the webshop or send an email?

Thanks in advance,


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The easiest and most secure way would be the website. We have a text box for additional concerns and requests during check out. Use that to ask for USPS. We don't process cards automatically so Brian (Espresso Parts MVP) will probably adjust the shipping accordingly and email as to your final total.
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