Going on holiday with my espresso machine?

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#1: Post by lsf »

In about 2 weeks, I'm planning to go on holiday to visit my parents for a week. I'd like to bring my espresso machine and my grinder (Andreja Premium and Rocky) so that the whole family can enjoy good coffee during this week.

However, I'm worried about damaging my gear. Is it safe to unplug my machine and bring it for a 6 day drive across the province? If it's safe, is there any precaution I should take?

Thanks for your advice

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#2: Post by HB »

I've lugged two espresso machines (E61 and lever) and a Mazzer Mini on vacation. I didn't anticipate the lack of an elevator and being on the third floor! Nowadays, I optimize to weight and size. I recommend using the original packaging, if you have it. If you're traveling by car and take care to pack it well, no other special precautions are necessary.

If your trip involves any public transportation, save yourself worries and leave the heavy gear at home. Instead get a compact grinder (e.g., Nemox Lux or Solis Maestro) and a presspot. It won't be espresso, but will still be great. Here are some other espresso while traveling threads from this forum's FAQ: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Dan Kehn

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lsf (original poster)

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Thanks for the links

As I can see, some people do it even more extreme than what I was planning. I don't have the original box anymore since I had no place to store it in my apartment. However, it looks like the back seat of the car should make it.


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#4: Post by Niko »

I've driven my Anita around for hundreds and hundreds of miles from party to party and not a single bad thing has happened. I even pack my MACAP MC4 every other week or so for a nice casual 250 mile trip from house to house with no problems. The espresso machine I throw in the trunk upright against pillows and the MACAP literally gets tossed into a tripled paper shopping bag. This stuff is meant to last if you don't bash it around and I've been doing this for over a year with my present gear with no issues so far.