Giotto Revival - After a year of inactivity

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A 3-month remodel of our kitchen turned into a year (long story, separate post) without my Giotto. I'm a bit concerned about firing it back up right away due to its hiatus.

I would certainly appreciate posts regarding "tips" from the other experts on this board on what I should do prior to attempting to make coffee with it again.

It's been stored in the garage.

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Randy G.

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I would:

before storage:
1) backflush and descale
2) drain and dry as best as you can
3) store in an area not subject to freezing and away from rodents and insect infestation (ants, roaches, mud wasps, etc.)

taking from storage;
1) open case and check for unwanted guests inside machine before bringing into house.
2) wash and fill reservoir
3) disconnect or disable heating element
4) flush boiler and HX to replace any stale water left in system
5) reconnect heating element and allow to come to temp (disconnect from power before doing any such electrical work!)
6) backflush again to clean out brew path
7) dispense hot water to clean hot water valve and wand
8) blast steam for a while to clean steam valve and wand.
9) check for leaks
10) make coffee
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markwain (original poster)

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Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Let's assume that I have not completed step 1 (pre-storage). It was supposed to be short-term, so I wasn't as careful before.

I will follow your recommendation to the letter! Thanks again!


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markwain wrote:It was supposed to be short-term, so I wasn't as careful before.
If there was water in the machine and the temperatures were below freezing, that would be very bad. Fortunately your location in California eliminates that possibility. If there was any water in the steam boiler prior to storage, I would descale before putting it into service to assure there's no mold.
Dan Kehn