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Can anyone help explain what the items on this picture mean? Does anyone know which pins go to what or have a better diagram for this Gicar auto fill controller? This is out of a 110v machine.

I think pin 2 goes to a light.
Pin 4 and 5 go to an LED.
I'm not sure what the SS, SM, or SR mean.
Does pin 6 go to ground?

I should be able to trace some wires later on today, but some of the wires have been burnt up in the controller.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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jpboyt, are you watching? JP (Pat) Boyt (jpboyt) is an HB member who does a lot of controller repairing and may be familiar with this controller.

You didn't say what machine - if you had a wiring diagram for the machine it would be more clear. Before you unhook stuff trace every wire so that you might be able to diagram it.

I'm not familiar with that controller, and doesn't look like a Gicar brand to me. For one thing it doesn't show a Gicar code. I think I can deduce a little bit from the diagram on your controller pic:

1 and 2 are 'alimentazione' - or power supply line and neutral. Pin 2 may be teed into the neutral side of your power indicator light.

SS, SM, SR are sensor (sonde in italian) connections. SR (sonde rifirimento) generally indicates the sensor reference (ground) connection. Pin 6 goes to ground (and to the sensor reference/ground if you have that.)

SS and SM - I'm unfamiliar with that notation. If the machine does not have a reservoir sensor, and has two boiler sensors then these would probably be the min and max boiler level sensors.

Pin 3 is on a 10 amp normally open relay. I'm guessing that this relay closes when the sensors indicate water in the boiler, and is used to power the heating circuit.

Pins 10 and 11 look like normally open connections for the pump and the autofill solenoid.
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There is some handy Italian controller terminology info posted here: Glossary for translating Italian Boiler Auto Refill terms to English

Doesn't help a whole lot in this case:
SS might be sonde serbatatio (reservoir sensor) or sonde sicurezza (safety, or minimum boiler sensor)
SM might be sonde minimo or sonde massimo
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Thank you for the great reply. I purchased the VFA Expres from Ben Piff that he started to look at here.

Part of my problem is that some of the wires that got home within the Gicar controller were burnt and Ben bypassed the melted connector to try and operate the machine. So I'm not sure which wire goes to what pin inside the controller. I should be able to figure out where the wires on the machine go to by following, but I may not be able to figure out which wires go from the circuit board to the pins. I believe three wires are misplaced.

Does anyone have an extra 11 pin Gicar controller laying around that is bad, but has a good housing? I would love to get a hold of one. I also may need an 11 pin female receptacle that the Gicar plugs into. Both got hot and are some what melted. I could find a different receptacle to solder in, but I would rather keep it stock.

I've emailed and called jpboyt, but haven't been able to get a hold of him. Maybe he is on a nice vacation eh?



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The illusive jpboyt here. Just back from Italy, Venice and Milan to be exact. Was great seeing espresso machines even at the Micky D restaurant.
Craig sent the box to me and I have it here to try and repair the melted and damaged pins. I think that all the abbreviations were figured out but SS and SM.
The SS would be the "Sonde Sicurreza" or Probe/Sensor Safety. This is normally the minimum water level probe or the reservoir water minimum. Logic is: No water, No activity.
The SM would be "Sonde Massimo or Probe/Sensor Massimo. This is the maximum water level sensor and is the probe for the auto-fill circuit. Both of these are electrically related to SR or ground.

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