Gaggia Classic Pro US - Espresso Too Fast

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#1: Post by Spyder89 »

Hello all, I hope you can help. I have a new Gaggia Classic Pro US version which I have installed the 9 bar spring mod, IMS shower screen and brass shower holder. I also use an IMS basket and bottomless portafilter. I have a pressure tester and verified 9 bars. I use a Baratza Encore grinder. In the beginning I used to have it set to 8 now set to 6 but either way the espresso comes out way too fast.


#2: Post by Pressino »

The Encore really doesn't grind fine enough for espresso with most coffee. I use mine mostly for drip.

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#3: Post by HB »

In addition to Pressino's comment, I'll add that stale coffee is the top contributor to fast pours. For a lot of other suggestions, click here.
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#4: Post by Quirquincho »

Echoing Pressino, grinder should be the primary suspect. If you have room to keep going lower on your grinder settings (below 6), try that while keeping everything else (dose, yield, tamping) constant.

Because there is a screen/bolt imprint in the puck in the picture you shared, I would recommend also making sure you're not overfilling your basket. Doing so will lead to channeling and mess with time consistency, though it might be only a secondary factor right now. This is an easy one to rule out by carrying out the nickel test. Basically, after tamping your coffee lay a nickel flat on the puck and lock in your portafilter (don't pull the shot!). Remove the pf and take a look. If the nickel left an imprint on the puck, then reduce your dose until you see no imprint.

Good luck.


#5: Post by vit »

From my remembering, it's possible to "calibrate" Encore. You need to open it and set the finest position with a screwdriver. Google for calibrate baratza encore. After you get the flow right, you can start thinking about better grinder ...


#6: Post by tennisman03110 »

If you're really trying to stick with the Encore, you can upgrade the burr set. At the same time, you can mod the bean hopper adjustment to be stepless (I did not).

I completed it myself recently. It's not too hard. I confirmed this can choke my BDB. That said, I only use it for pour over.


#7: Post by gabeholloway »

At the risk of redundancy, I'll echo what others have said. The Encore will not give you enough consistency at those finer settings. Cranking the Encore way down, you MIGHT get something that looks fine enough for espresso but will have too many fines that choke the machine, as mentioned above. In your case, it sounds like you're still not able to grind fine enough. So my guess based on your puck is that in trying to hit the right dosage but not having a proper espresso grind, you're overfilling your basket. Hence the screw indentation.

Short term options:
If you can find a pressurized basket, that may keep you from having to invest in an espresso grinder. But using a pressurized basket may mean you'll need to go back to the higher bar spring. Now that I think about it, doesn't the Gaggia come with a pressurized?


If you have the Shades kit, get that grind to the choke point (if you can), and then install the 6.5bar spring and see if that helps. The 5bar spring could be even better, but it'll likely affect your steaming performance.

Long term:
Buy a grinder capable of espresso. The Baratza Sette 270 is a great option, and they will sometimes pop up in the Buy/Sell forum from time to time.