Gaggia Classic - looking for a better portafilter

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#1: Post by coffeeguyCT »

My long serving, once rebuilt Gaggia Classic has gone through two plastic handles on its portafilter. I've found they're crack prone where I'm pointing to. Not the end of the world to bolt a new handle on every now and again but I figure an upgrade could be fun if it makes the process more pleasurable and perhaps, tastier? I'm not super literate in all the possibilities of whats out there. I grind on a Breville (see pic) and always use the double shot basket, usually to pull two individual shots so the 'bottomles' thing doesn't really appeal to me.


#2: Post by Mintyfresh »

When I owned my classic I upgraded to a Cafelat bottomless portafilter with walnut handle. He offers them in bakelite and rubber also. Has the option of a removable single or double spout if needed. I enjoyed using mine very much!


#3: Post by SutterMill »

Link for above mentioned portafilter. ... ortafilter