Gaggia Carezza Deluxe brews too fast

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#1: Post by Kcho »

Hello, I'm a new joiner in HB

I newly purchased gaggia carezza deluxe. But I encountered 2 problems:
1) the descaling light is on since I first time switch on the machine. Should I use descaling solution to clean now?
2) the machine brewed too fast, crema does not form. I used 10g of coffee bean and the grind is fine. Any thing can improve the quality?



#2: Post by JRising »

I would ask whoever sold it to you about the descaling. That light shouldn't be on if it's new or if it has been descaled when that light went on.

Do the pucks of used grounds ejected into the waste-bin look like the grinder is grinding finely enough?
You can adjust the grinder finer, brew more shots to give the grinder time to adjust its dose and ensure you're using good fresh espresso beans. If after several tries to get better coffee, it's still no good, contact the seller.

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Kcho wrote:Any thing can improve the quality?
Spend an evening with the Newbie Introduction to Espresso video series. It covers all the questions you have and those you're yet to ask. Also try searching for previous answers, e.g., "espresso brews too fast". The most typical cause is stale coffee or a grinder not suitable for espresso. Other causes include not grinding fine enough, not enough coffee, or channeling due to poor puck prep.
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Kcho (original poster)

#4: Post by Kcho (original poster) »

Thanks all. Let's me try descale the machine and use finer coffee and try again

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#5: Post by sweaner »

Are you grinding fresh coffee yourself? Is the grinder up to the job?
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Kcho (original poster)

#6: Post by Kcho (original poster) »

Yes, I used Hario grinder and set to the finest


#7: Post by JRising »

If your grinder can not choke off the flow through the machine, then the grinder is most likely the problem. Regardless of the type of machine, but even more so paired with something like a Carezza that has a pressurized portafilter.
I can't see your prep, but are you putting 2 full scoops of finely ground coffee into your double basket, tamping it flat, and then brewing?

The grinder's range should be able to grind right down to a powder that chokes off the machine, your beans won't always be as fresh as they are today. The air won't always be as humid as it is today, if the grinder has a finest setting that isn't fine enough, see if it's adjustable.

(I've never used a Hario, never worked on one, but they're supposed to be quality grinders, I would have trouble believing a good one isn't capable. Maybe there're some "super affordable" ones that aren't capable, like some Baratza grinders whos names I never remember. There are Settes and then there are "It's an affordable burr grinder" ones.

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#8: Post by ira »

I would want to ask which Hario grinder as I believe some of them are completely unsuited for espresso.


Kcho (original poster)

#9: Post by Kcho (original poster) »

I use Hario coffee mill ceramic slim


#10: Post by randytsuch »

I've had a Hario slim for a long time, use as my travel grinder.
Never tried it for espresso, I don't think its capable.

If you really want to get into espresso, I think you'll need to invest into a better grinder.
I use a Kinu Phoenix. Makes the Hario look like a toy, but it also costs a LOT more, so it should be better.

Was also wondering about your 10 gr bean weight. Seems very low, unless you are making singles. Doubles are easier to learn with, IMHO.