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Hello all,

this is my first post here so I'd say a quick indroduction is in order:

My name is Mees, I'm 27 years old and live in the Netherlands. I recently entered back into the espresso game with the purchase of my current everyday coffee machine, my Isomac Tea.
It's all still relatively new to me, but also very exciting and increasingly satisfying.

As I usually dive head first in to most things I do I also bought a Futurmat Milady espresso machine off of a local second hand website as a hobby project. To dissassemble, descale and rebuild completely.

In the process of finding information about this machine online I've seen the Bug is Bunn Yahoo group mentioned a few times, but the links don't work. Can anyone point me into a direction where I can still find documentation and other information for this machine, possibly a forum or the likes even?


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Hello Mees, and welcome to H-B!

A Google search quickly found a number of useful links. Here is one to the parts manual:

https://static-pt.com/modelManual/BU-ES ... 2002572566

and this is the installation and operation manual.

https://static-pt.com/modelManual/BU-ES ... 2002572571

One thread I found noted that this machine was made by Gaggia and rebranded as Futurmat and Bunn.

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Meesz0r (original poster)

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Hey Gary,


I did find a few like these but not exactly these haha, so these are added to the collection!


Ps. I did read about these being sold under different names aswell, but never found the model name of the Gaggia unit if they ever sold it under their own brand.

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You're welcome.

A machine like that isn't overly complicated. It will have similar parts and functions to other machines like it. You may not be able to find exact replacements for some parts but you should be able to substitute or fabricate others.

Having a parts diagram will identify what those parts are and how they fit together. But there are also best practices for disassembling an unknown device so you can put it back together again. This means take lots of pictures of what you are about to disassemble. Have containers for groups of parts so that nothing goes missing. You can post on our Repairs and Restorations forum for advice from other people who have done restorations. You can also search our forums. You will find that other people have also taken apart boilers and cleaned them, for instance.

If you post a thread on your rebuild here, we ask you to not cross-post to other forums, because people on our forum will not know what questions are asked or addressed elsewhere.

I wish you luck and lots of fun with your rebuild.

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