Fluid-O-Tech rotary pump (VBM DD) bypass valve rebuild?

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Hi Everyone,

I've drifted away from espresso for a while - my wife made me move the machine and grinder into our basement as it was too loud in the kitchen in the morning. I am now getting back into it and need to sort out my VBM DD.

The unit is making espresso fine but the brew pressure is too high. See below.

First is the steam boiler tripping the GFI circuit at 1.2 bar steam pressure - I ordered a new steam boiler element from Stefano this weekend to address this issue.

Second is the brew pressure adjustment on the rotary pump - I was getting 12bar on a blind portafilter so I tried adjusting with the bypass valve. It appears to be stuck. Removing the bypass valve screw completely and the machine is still pulling at 12 bar. Is there a re-build kit for this part of the pump? Or do I just turn off the water (it is plumbed in), unscrew the bypass valve housing, clean the parts, re-assemble and turn on water?

Or is there a parts kit for this bypass valve?

UPDATE: after a dozen blind PF pulls the pressure is coming down - I still think a clean/rebuild would be good.


Team HB

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If you can get the valve out, lubricate it and reinsert it it will probably help. Be careful with it, the o-ring is probably hard and will crack if picked at.

https://www.fluidotech.it/site/assets/f ... -parts.pdf
There are retailers all over the place with Fluid-o-Tech parts, maybe contact one of Fluid-o-Tech's American reps to find out what hydraulic shop near you sells kits. E-mail: info@fluidotech.com

dgkula (original poster)

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Thanks - reached out to them. Will let everyone know if I find a parts source.