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If you slow flow during pre infusion, you will need to compensate with a shorter shot.... Or start to get used to bitterness

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Maximus146 wrote:As far as the second option goes, how long of a pre-infusion do you think it would take for the puck to be wetted enough before I slowly ramp up the flow?
I always pre-infuse until the first drops. This means that the entire puck is guaranteed to moisten vertically, which reduces unevenness (you don't want some of the coffee be brewed with pre-infusion and some without it, do you?). This usually takes 17-19 seconds.

But this only applies to light and medium roasts. I start brewing dark roast with the FC faucet fully open, and gradually close it (the "spring lever" profile). In my case, "fully open" means 3/4 of the full turn (it's the range I use even though my FCD paddle is not physically limited as in Bianca).

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Peppersass wrote: You can also try reducing the temperature.
That is a very good advice!